Maplewood Conservation Area, North Vancouver

The Maplewood Conservation Area in North Vancouver, British Columbia is home to many different animals and birds ranging from seals and otter off its shores to the deer which wander its forests in search of food to graze on. Quiet visitors can literally stumble upon small groups of deer which like the grass which grows on the trails edges throughout the Park. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Several animals call the Conservation Area and mudflats home such as black tailed deer which can be spotted in the forest.





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Once an industrial site, Maplewood Conservation Area now resides over 311 acres of land including marsh, forest, shoreline, mudflat and meadow habitats. The Park encompasses over three kilometres of trails through these habitats and besides ponds, trees and grasslands. The Conservation Area is best known for its abundant wildlife sightings - especially birds. Over 200 species have been spotted in the Park ranging from ravens, crows, seagulls and chickadees to rarer species such as eagles and osprey. In tandem with the Wild Bird Trust of B.C., Maplewood Conservation Area has become one of the premier waterfront wetlands in the Vancouver Region.

The Maplewood Conservation Area encompasses 311 acres of land - only a fraction of the 6,425 region the mudflats and forests once spread over. However, the Wild Bird Trust has worked hard to create an atmosphere promoting both birding and a beautiful setting for hikers of all abilities with over three kilometres of trails, all of which are accessible with bridges and wide gravel walkways.

Established in 1999, the Maplewood Conservation Area (also known as Maplewood Flats Conservation Area) preserves the last waterfront wetland ecosystem on the North Shore. One of the area's newest established Parks, the Flats offer unparallelled wildlife viewing throughout the year ranging from mammals such as deer, black bear, river otters and seals but its best known as one of the premiere bird watching areas in Vancouver with a wide range of migratory, nesting and permanent year round species. Over two hundred different species have been identified in the Park - and that number continues to grow.

Keep a lookout for nesting Osprey on the wooden piles not far from the shorelines (which also have inspired the 'Return of the Osprey' Festival). Sandpipers pick through the rocks along the shores and Herons gracefully scoop up fish for their young. It is not uncommon to see Eagles, woodpeckers and other birds throughout the Park bringing people of all ages. Naturalists from a range of organizations can be seen along the trails with binoculars and cameras - many whom are happy to talk to interested visitors about the birds and animals to be seen in the season.

The Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia operates an information centre at the entrance to the park, and offers tours throughout the year on the second Saturday of every month to teach visitors about the Flats.

The Maplewood Conservation Area is an amazing park. Its designation as a wildlife habitat is well deserved with hundreds of bird species which have been spotted throughout the area as well as both the land and water mammals which visit the Park. Bring binoculars and enjoy some of the most amazing creatures to be seen in British Columbia.

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Photo and Image Gallery

Nesting Osprey which began to nest on the pilings on Indian Arm have drawn hundreds of people to Maplewood Conservation Area in North Vancouver, British Columbia to watch these birds and the hundreds of others that migrate, nest and reside in this small waterfront wetland Park - the only of its kind on the North Shore.
Many mammals can be found throughout Maplewood Conservation Area, especially black tailed deer which can be seen throughout the forest, eating grass and plants along the trails. Other animals in this North Vancouver locale include seals and otters in the waters, many different bird species, squirrels and even black bears.
One of North Vancouver, British Columbia's newest Parks, the Maplewood Conservation Area on the eastern shore alongside Indian Arm offers several trails, bridges and boardwalks to explore throughout the year, used especially in the spring and fall when bird watchers descend on the park to watch migrating and nesting birds.
Maplewood Conservation Area in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a popular bird watching area with dozens of species found throughout the Park in its varied environments, the Wild Bird Trust of B.C. which operates buildings at the entrance has built and hung several bird houses throughout forests, meadows and mudflats to promote Spring nesting in the area.
Chickadees are common bird species found at Maplewood Conservation Area in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The Park is home to a satellite of the Wild Bird Trust of B.C. with guided tours and opportunities to see many bird species in the dozens of bird houses throughout the Park and the feeders by the entrance.
Visitors to Maplewood Conservation Area in North Vancouver, British Columbia can also visit the Wild Bird Trust of B.C. which operates at the front entrance to the Park. Here, visitors can learn about the mudflats and other sensitive environments in the Park as well learn about the species in the region especially during migration and during nesting season in Spring.

Location of Maplewood Conservation Area

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Look for the wildlife viewing signs along the Dollarton Highway after the industrial area
2645 Dollarton Highway

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