Maplewood Farms, North Vancouver

Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver offers dozens of varieties of animals to touch, feed and experience. A hub for families with young children, the Farm offers educational information and the ability to interact with farm animals which have since disappeared from the region. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Goat kid munching on grass at Maplewood farms, the last remaining farm in North Vancouver.





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The last Farm found on the North Shore, Maplewood Farm has been in operation since the 1900s. Acquired by the District of North Vancouver in 1970 it offers many varieties of domestic animals - a remnant of when the area was a large farming community. Free range chickens, an interactive goat hill, rabbit pen and the dozens of animals within the Farm has created a place for children (and adults) to learn about North Vancouver's rural past. Open throughout the year, with events on holidays, Maplewood Farm is a great place for curious families and groups looking to visit friendly animals in their picturesque setting.

Maplewood Farm located on the eastern edge of North Vancouver is a rarity along the North Shore. With suburbanization spreading across the lower regions with the construction of the Lion's Gate Bridge, the rate of house building increased and the arable land went to new development. The farms along the North Shore were slowly disappearing, Maplewood, the last, was acquired by the District of North Vancouver in 1970 and now operates as an educational and exciting experience for visitors to the region.

Originally the Farm was a five acre dairy farm owned by Mr. Akiua Kogo; today it houses dozens of animals such as chickens, cows, horses, rabbits, sheep, goats, donkeys and even pigs which call the farm home.

Offering dozens of pens as well as petting areas, Maplewood Farm is a fun experience for adults and children. Spring offers a different side to the Farm, many new baby animals arrive - rabbits, chicks, goat kids and others are found throughout the Farm, visitors can also walk around the large pond found on site to view the ducklings.

The farm offers special events throughout the year such as Easter, Earth day, Canada day and a variety of others. People of all ages can appreciate the interesting animals found throughout the Farm, a remnant of North Vancouver's past.

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Maplewood Farms in North Vancouver has a flock of chickens which are not enclosed. These chickens are free range and wander the grounds looking for seed, shade and shelter during the farm's open hours.
Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver British Columbia is full of many animals, the largest are two variations of Shire Horses - the largest of the horse family. These beautiful horses are an awe inspiring sight for many visitors to the Park.
Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver is the last remaining farm in the area. Providing visitors with up close encounters with a variety of animals, the farm is both a fun and educational experience.

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Take Highway #1 to Dollarton Hwy North and follow the signs.
405 Seymour River Place
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