Meadow Park, Whistler

The Valley Trail which follows the River of Golden Dreams in Whistler's Meadow Park offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and this scenic waterway which attracts many visitors in the summer (and winter) months. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

One of Meadow Park's in most beautiful elements is the River of Golden Dreams which winds through this Whistler region.





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Situated on Whistler's northern edge, along the Sea to Sky Highway, overlooking Blackcomb and Whistler mountains, Meadow Park offers visitors a chance to explore the valley's beauty. With most of the surrounding land turned into million dollar properties, Meadow Park offers visitors to the region an opportunity to explore the wilderness along the Park's meadows, forests, and waterways such as the River of Golden Dreams. With many amenities including the Valley Trail, playgrounds, picnic areas and a Sports Centre, Meadow Park is a great place to spend a few hours enjoying the quiet atmosphere and scenic surroundings.

As both a summer and winter destination, Whistler offers a variety of venues on and off the mountain for the growing community within its limits as well as visitors. Along with its million dollar rustic cabins in the valley, the towns expansion constraints has allowed for the creation of large parks cushioning its glacial lakes, picturesque rivers and creating popular parks for year-round use.

One of Whistler's biggest public parks is Meadow Park located on the northern edge of the city. With paved biking and walking lanes edging the River of Golden Dreams, playgrounds, benches, picnic tables and the Meadow Park's Sports Centre, it is not only a popular recreation area but also a hub for the community providing a variety of lessons and workshops. Inside the sports centre is an indoor skating rink, pool (with hot tub and steam room), squash courts as well as an exercise room.

Meadow Park's biggest draw is the River of Golden Dreams. Set alongside Alpine Meadows, this marshy waterway sees families canoing in its quiet waters and people perched on its banks overlooking the magnificent view of the Cascade mountain range.

The Valley Trail which runs through Meadow Park and through most of Whistler and its surrounding natural areas also weaves its way along the River of Golden Dreams. It is one of the area's favourite walking attractions in the town, passing by beautiful homes, along bogs, forested areas, rivers and alongside the mountains that have popularized the area.

Meadow Park in Whistler, British Columbia is a beautiful area to explore for a few hours to take a break from the busy village and enjoy the quiet natural beauty in this resort town.

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Meadow Park in Whistler, British Columbia is a popular recreation area with dozens of park benches and picnic tables throughout its boundaries and alongside the River of Golden Dreams overlooking the ski mountains of Blackcomb and Whistler.
The River of Golden Dreams in Whistler, British Columbia's Meadow Park is a long stretch of beautiful waterway popular with nature enthusiasts, hikers and bikers. The River along with the nearby Valley Trail offers stunning views of nearby Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.
Meadow Park, just past Whistler Village is a stunning park offering picnicking, hiking trails, access to Whistler's Valley Trail, the River of Golden Dreams, beautiful views overlooking the surrounding mountains and the Meadow Parks Sport Centre.

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Access point located along Rainbow Rd. (Alpine Way entrance from Sea to Sky Highway)

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