Miniature Train, Stanley Park

The Miniature Train station is an integral part of this Stanley Park attraction. Riders line up under the covered station, refuge from rain and sun while awaiting one of the four Miniature Trains to arrive in the station. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Miniature Train station is where eager riders line up to await the next train to take them through Stanley Park.





All Seasons


Overcast, Snow, Sunny, Not Raining


45 minutes


Cost of Miniature Train

What to bring:

Camera, Sense of Curiosity, Hot Drink

The Miniature Train in Stanley Park is embedded in the memories of almost every child who has visited Stanley Park. This train is an enjoyable journey through the coastal temperate forest along the needle strewn ground and across a small pond. Animals, nature and other trains make the ride a fun and memorable experience. The Miniature Train has two annual events, the Ghost Train and the Christmas Train which lead up to Halloween and Christmas respectively, adorned with lively actors, bright lights and decorations and snacks accenting each holiday in a child friendly environment and has become annual tradition for many families.

The Miniature Train has been a staple for children and their accompanying adults for years - looping around a forested area and over a small pond, this Stanley Park landmark is an important part of bringing families to the natural splendour of downtown Vancouver with a low impact and entertaining activity.

The train is a unique addition to Stanley Park designed into the landscape after hurricane like winds tore down a section of trees in 1964, creating room for this popular attraction.

The Miniature Railroad contains four engines, one modelled after famed Engine 374, the first train to cross the Trans-Canada Railroad currently on display in the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre.

In recent years, organizers have created the Ghost Train and the Christmas Train, highly anticipated seasonal events where the train and its surroundings are transformed into a festive celebration of Halloween and Christmas. Many local families (and from the surrounding Greater Vancouver Region) make the trek into the wilderness during the night to see ghoulish pumpkins or gaze at bright cheerful Christmas light displays. The Ghost Train operates evenings from mid-October to Halloween and the Christmas train from around the beginning of December to Christmas. Regular hours are during the daytime throughout the rest of the year.

The Miniature Train is a delight to ride throughout the seasons, the Christmas Train and Ghost Train are especially busy times due to their popularity and the child friendly atmosphere created and are not to be missed.

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The Miniature Train takes visitors through Stanley Park's famed forests and during the Christmas months the Train is transformed into a decorative ride through the dark.
The Stanley Park Miniature Train is one of its many interesting children's activities which takes riders through the forest and over a small pond.

Location of Miniature Train

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Near the Children's farmyard in the centre of the Park (Near the Stanley Park Bus Loop)
Stanley Park

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