Mt. Seymour, North Vancouver

The soft snow on Mt. Seymour is a great place for beginners to learn how to ski. Instructors from the mountain and cheap rentals entice many visitors to Vancouver in the winter months to learn to ski and snowboard. With a variety of hills for beginners to the more advanced level enthusiasts, it is hard not to enjoy the beautiful snow covered trees and the exhilarating experiences to be found in Mt. Seymour. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The hills on Mt. Seymour support all ski levels from beginners to advanced. Depending on the visibility the lower mainland, the surrounding mountains, and even USA can be seen.





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Mt. Seymour, North Vancouver is the farthest east of the three mountains accessible to visitors. With a variety of activities all year round, it is a popular skiing, snowboarding, hiking and biking area as well as offering some of the best view of Vancouver, Indian Arm and North to the Cascade Mountains. Also functioning as the eastern end of the Baden Powell Trail, Mt. Seymour continues to be a popular destination for people of all ages.

Located in picturesque North Vancouver, Mount Seymour is the smallest of the three North Shore mountains reachable by the public, offering all-season natural entertainment. The mountain is a provincial park which is named for Frederick Seymour, second governor of the Colony of British Columbia and was established by the government in 1936 except for the ski area which was privatized in 1984.

The park encompasses many regions and approximately 3508 hectares. Mt. Seymour most notable (and visible) use is as a broadcast station for Vancouver radio and TV stations. The towers that sit at the top of the peaks are visible both day and night and can be easily spotted by those who look.

Winter brings skiing, snowboarding, tubing, tobogganing and snowshoeing but offers an additional activity only found on this mountain: dog sledding. Its abundance of activities and its easier hills make it a natural choice to learn any of these winter sports. Summer ushers in mountain biking, hiking, and wild blueberries. Mt. Seymour also serves as the eastern end of the Baden Powell Trail, as well as offering stunning northwards view of the cascade mountain range for adventurous hikers who climb the summits found in this park.

The most eastern of the three mountains ( Cypress and Grouse are the two others that see public use all year round) it looks onto the city of Vancouver and westwards and east to Indian Arm below, an extension of the Burrard inlet.

It is advisable to check forecasts and dress appropriately before embarking on any activity on mountainous terrain as many people have been lost hiking in the Mount Seymour region as it is the least developed of the three publically accessed mountains. This can also be important as you can view rare and shy wildlife such as many bird species, seals in Indian Arm and bears in the summertime.

Whatever the activity, Mt. Seymour is an amazing venue that can be enjoyed by all age groups and skill levels of any of its multitude of activities.

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The Trails found throughout Mount Seymour North Vancouver, British Columbia take visitors along the Provincial Park's forests, rocks and creeks and up mountainsides and to lakes such as the First Lake Trail which overlooks Dog Mountain. The trail is rocky and steep but takes visitors to a beautiful panorama.
Mount Seymour Provincial Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia has many winding trails taking visitors to different view points above Vancouver as well as to many points of interest such as ponds, cabins and mountains. First Lake takes visitors to a small lake surrounded by forests and marshes and overlooking Dog Mountain.
One of three local ski mountains in Vancouver, Mt. Seymour is a popular location for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and panoramic city views of Vancouver below on clear, cloudless days. Mt. Seymour is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

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