Murrin Provincial Park, Sea to Sky Highway

Murrin Provincial Park along British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway is a welcome respite from driving along this beautiful stretch of road which has few turn offs to enjoy the surroundings. A popular rest area, the long pathway circling Browning Lake in the middle of the Park is a fun route for people stopping along the Sea to Sky Highway. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Murrin Provincial Park has many trails winding through it to reach rock climbing walls as well as a trail encircling Browning Lake.





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Encompassing twenty-four hectares of land this small provincial park located along the Sea to Sky Highway is a popular destination throughout the year providing nearby residents and visitors a place to swim, fish, picnic, paddle, hike and climb. Its small body of water, Browning Lake, is the centre of the park - however its the varied climbing walls are its most popular feature attracting beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers to practise on the various rock walls. Along with a collection of petroglyphs and its many activities, Murrin Provincial Park is a great place to explore.

Two kilometres north from the settlement of Britannia Beach and nine kilometres south of Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway is Murrin Lake, a popular Provincial Park encompassing 24 hectares of land with forests, picnic tables, hikes and a small lake in its boundaries.

Established in 1962 this park has found its niche as a popular fishing and swimming spot but best known for its multiple climbing walls named the Shaman, Sugarloaf, Bog Wall, Leviticus, Petrifying Wall and The Brunser. Climbers can be seen throughout the park testing their abilities - the most accessible climb - the Bog Wall can be viewed from the parking lot and is an ideal spot to watch this interesting sport. It is a prime beginners area as more experienced climbers go to nearby Stawamus Chief and the climbs are not overly high.

There are two main hikes in Murrin Park, the Browning Lake Trail takes visitors along the lakes edge through the forests, along the rock walls (and connects to some of the unofficial trails leading to the climbing walls) and by streams running into this popular waterway. The second trail is Petgrill Trail which is located on the opposite side of the Sea to Sky Highway from the parking lot. This twelve kilometre trail takes hikers along beautiful views of Squamish, Squamish River and Stawamus Chief - the hike stops at Petgill Lake but avid hikers can hike further to Shannon Falls Provincial Park and to the trails on the Chief.

This beautiful roadside Park is an opportunity to try a variety of activities such as swimming, fishing, canoeing, rock climbing and hiking. All Park visitors must bring their own equipment. Perfect for all ages this busy park is an enjoyable stop along the Sea to Sky Highway.

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Murrin Provincial Park along British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway is a popular day trip area offering activities from picnicking, swimming, fishing, hiking and rock climbing. The Park is located between Britannia Beach and Squamish.
Murrin Provincial Park along the Sea to Sky Highway north of Britannia Beach offers a beautiful lake visible from the nearby highway which offers visitors a chance to swim, catch fish, canoe or play on its sandy shore to enjoy warm weather or hike around its perimeter looking at the wildlife and surrounding views.
Murrin Provincial Park along British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway is an ideal picnicking spot - weekends and summer days see dozens of families on the shores of Browning Lake enjoying the warm waters and a quick lunch amidst the impressive rock walls, forests and beauty of the West Coast.
With the large granite rocks - remnants of the Glacial period evident along the Sea to Sky Highway - it is little surprise of the region's popularity with Rock Climbers testing their skills on the many rocks walls found in Murrin Provincial Park between Britannia Beach and Squamish, British Columbia,
As with many parks in the British Columbia region, Murrin Provincial Park offers different trails and information which is provided in this information board detailing locations of rock walls, toilets, swimming areas and trails that can be found in the vicinity.

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Located between the cities of Squamish and Britannia Beach on the west side of the Sea to Sky Highway

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