Nine O'Clock Gun, Stanley Park

Located on the eastern shores of Vancouver, British Columbia's world famous Stanley Park, the Nine O'Clock Gun has celebrated over one hundred years of use - a historic relic from when the gun was used to signal the end of the fishing day before watches were readily avaliable. Its loud explosion along with a fiery blast is a popular attraction in the evenings. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Stanley Park's Nine O'Clock Gun fires precisely every evening from its perch overlooking the Burrard Inlet in an impressive display.





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With a roaring blast and billowing smoke, it is understandable for those not aware of this less known Stanley Park attraction to be worried, however, the Nine O'Clock Cannon is a familiar sound in Vancouver, heard throughout the lower mainland signalling the finish of another day. Perched on the edge of the Stanley Park Seawall, encased in a metal frame, this fun evening show is enjoyed by many throughout the year.

One of Vancouver's more prevalent monuments, this gun, brought to Vancouver from Europe in the 1800's has stood on the shores of Stanley Park for decades and was first fired in 1898.

If one listens carefully, exactly at Nine O'clock Pacific Time (in the evening), the gun will go off in loud boom, accompanied by a magnificent fiery explosion and billowing smoke that can be seen all the way to the North Shore signalling the time which dates back to when fishermen needed to be warned of the end of the Sunday close of fishing.

Mostly visited in the summer, visitors to the park can view the gun alongside the Seawall behind it's enclosure as many attempts to damage the gun has led to its current secure placement.

Watch out however, as the gun is readied electronically with only a red blinking light signalling the impending blast.

Many locals and tourists alike have been scared senseless as they walk, bike or roller blade past the gun at an ill-timed moment. This in turn has simultaneously become a source of enjoyment for many visitors to the park.

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At precisely Nine O'Clock every evening, listen carefully and you will hear the sound of a cannon. This is the Nine O'Clock Gun in Stanley Park signalling what was once the historic end of Sunday fishing which has turned into a century long tradition along the Burrard Inlet.
The Nine O'Clock Gun seen along the Stanley Park Seawall on the eastern edge in Vancouver, British Columbia is a perplexing site in its cage, however, the nighttime shows its true ferocity as it signals with a plume of fire and smoke and a loud boom the hour of nine o'clock.
The Nine O'Clock gun which faces the Burrard Inlet from its perch on the eastern shores of Vancouver, British Columbia's Stanley Park is an interesting attraction. Firing exactly at nine in the evening, the gun is an interesting historical tradition dating back to 1898 as a means to let fishermen know the end of the fishing day.

Location of Nine O'Clock Gun

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Along the Stanley Park Seawall on the eastern edge past Deadman Island beside Hallelujah point
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