Nitobe Memorial Gardens, UBC Campus, Vancouver

The large pond which lies in the centre of the Nitobe Memorial Gardens in Vancouver's University of British Columbia Campus is an integral part to the design of this Japanese style garden. Surrounded by trees, plantings and even encompassing occasional families of ducks the garden is a sanctuary. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The picturesque pond at the Nitobe Memorial Gardens also includes a bridge connecting pathways throughout the park.





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The Nitobe Memorial Gardens found on the western edge of the University of British Columbia is the most culturally significant gardens in Vancouver. The Nitobe Memorial Gardens is the fourth best Japanese garden in the world outside Japan and is considered one of the most authentic of its kind in North America. Embracing the Asian heritage of Vancouver and its residence, this garden is not only a beautiful place to visit but a learning tool for students, teachers and visitors.

The Nitobe Memorial Gardens located on the campus grounds of the University of British Columbia is initially an unassuming thick white wall separating its contents from the curious.

In its peaceful setting, this traditional Japanese garden is shaded by large groves of conifer trees; it was created in conjunction with the larger, University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research which is located east of the Nitobe Memorial Gardens.

The Garden is designed in the "Tea and Stroll" category which is unique to any in North America. It is also considered among the top five Japanese Gardens outside of Japan and was lauded for its authenticity by the current Emperor of Japan during his trip to Vancouver in 1953.

Its named in honour of Inazo Nitobe who dedicated his life to life to bridging the gap between the traditional Japanese Culture of the East to helping create a Japanese identity in the West.

The garden, although open to the public is studied by classes and professors at the University of British Columbia due to the features found within the park such as the authentic Ceremonial Tea House and Tea Gardens as well as the placement of the materials within the garden. Interestingly enough, after research and years of observation it has been theorized that there are some hidden elements to the park such as a lantern placed in a fashion that it appears lit on the yearly anniversary of Inazo Nitobe's death, or bridges (known as shadow bridges) visible only at certain times of the year which has added to the appeal of this garden.

The combination of east and west is seen clearly in the plant species as both native and Japanese plants have been united to create the experience, as well as a large variety of elements such as earth forms and rocks, waterfalls, the koi pond and built elements such as bridges and walkways. The lush colours and the west coast environment have enabled this garden to be a year-round attraction.

Tours are offered to interested parties as well as tea ceremonies on the last Saturday of each month in the summer in the authentic Tea House; both culturally interesting activities for all ages. In the spring months new blooms, Vancouver's famous cherry blossoms, and animals raising their young add an extra appeal to visiting these popular gardens.

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The authentic teahouse in the Nitobe Memorial Gardens is a quiet and spiritual place reminiscent of its Japanese predecessors. The gardens are located on the grounds of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Nitobe Memorial Gardens in the Nitobe Memorial Gardens offer several distinct features tat make this Vancouver garden one of the most authentic Japanese style gardens in North America including the traditional gates at its entrance.
The University of British Columbia's Nitobe Memorial Gardens are full of winding trails, bridges, waterfalls, stone monuments and foliage. These are all styled in the traditional formation of these gardens originally found in Japan.
The Japanese style Nitobe Memorial Gardens at the University of British Columbia Campus offer many different plants and designs throughout the park such as Cherry Blossoms, one of Vancouver's most popular spring plants.
This green hued authentic cast of a Japanese lantern sitting on the waters edge is a scene depicted often in Japanese art and style. The Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver's University of British Columbia campus aims to meld the cultures of the East and West in the amazing authentic Tea and Stroll Japanese Garden, considered one of the best in the world.
Many of the pathways in the Nitobe Memorial Gardens at the University of British Columbia Campus in Vancouver use moss as a ground cover and trees to shade visitors. Along with it pond and various stone monuments, this traditional garden offers a beautiful place to enjoy throughout the year.

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The Nitobe Memorial Garden is located near the Museum of Anthropology
1895 Lower Mall

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