Noons Creek Hatchery, Port Moody

The Port Moody Noons Creek hatchery building was opened in June 1993 and operates as an educational building which provides visitors the opportunity to see the Noons Creek Fish Hatchery in operation. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Noons Creek Fish Hatchery Building in Port Moody is a tool to help visitors learn about the important work being done with salmon.





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Learn about the cycle of salmon at Noons Creek Hatchery in Port Moody, British Columbia! This hatchery provides a habitat for salmon returning to spawn and protection for salmon fry. Learn about the important work done at the hatchery by the Port Moody Ecological Society and walk through the hatchery's 3/4 acre facility which encompasses holding ponds, weirs, channels and the building which serves as an educational learning centre.

One of British Columbia's many ecosystem regeneration projects are its fish hatcheries. Located along streams, creeks, rivers and other fresh waterways, these fish hatcheries are operated by a legion of volunteers and organizations in an effort to preserve and protect the habitat that salmon require to grow and return to when its time to spawn.

British Columbia's ever changing landscape is one of the reasons that fish hatcheries exist today. As settlements grew along major waterways and new developments such as dams and hydro projects were constructed, effectively destroying major salmon migration routes. Many projects were undertaken to help fish get through impassible barriers, many unfortunately did not work, however, fish hatcheries provided a place for salmon to spawn and fry to grow without the perils of environmental factors and predators.

The Noons Creek Hatchery's history dates back to 1978 to a backyard of a local Port Moody resident. The operation was expanded as rearing ponds and troughs were installed and young fry were released annually. Soon, these same fry returned to this historic spawning grounds (once an important fishing area as evidenced by the remains of a Native settlement which once existed at the mouth of Noons Creek) as salmon. In 1991, the Port Moody Ecological Society was formed and a new hatchery (the one currently in operation) was built along Noons Creek with construction completed in 1993. A water quality lab and monitoring program was established and today, the hatchery provides refuge for thousands of young coho and chum salmon before they embark on their perilous journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Students, community groups and visitors are welcome at the Noons Creek Hatchery as it provides a unique educational experience for all ages. Each year the Hatchery hosts the Fingerling Festival where 40,000 young chum salmon are released from the hatchery into Noons Creek marking the beginning of their four year journey in the Pacific Ocean. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of salmon at the Noons Creek Hatchery!

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See a fish hatchery in action at the Noons Creek Fish Hatchery in Port Moody, British Columbia which is an important place for salmon to migrate during the spawning season.
Learn more about the efforts of the Noons Creek Fish Hatchery (operated by the Port Moody Ecological Society) to enhance salmonid stocks in British Columbia.
Walk through the forest of Port Moody, British Columbia's shoreline park to visit the Noons Creek Fish Hatchery which carries out important work to help restore salmon stocks as a place for salmon to spawn.
This weir is a part of the Noons Creek Fish Hatchery fish habitat in Port Moody, British Columbia, a ladders which provides salmon fry the opportunity to reach the ocean from the fish holding pond.
The holding pond at the Noons Creek Fish Hatchery in Port Moody, British Columbia is covered in nets, protecting the small salmon fry from predators such as eagles and small mammals.

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