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Many interesting exhibits can be found in the North Vancouver Museum and Archives in North Vancouver, British Columbia such as those detailing winter activities which took place in the area such as skiing and snowshoeing as well as artifacts from when there was once a trolley system which ran throughout the city. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The North Vancouver Museums and Archives displays dozens of artifacts and information from the area's rich history.





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Located in the Presentation Centre building, the North Vancouver Museum offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy dozens of exhibits ranging from the early 1900's to present day. With over 15,000 artifacts on display as well as several temporary exhibits, the North Vancouver Museum as well as the Archives located at the Community History Centres allows visitors to access a wide variety of interesting pieces and information ranging from the city's inception and even before.

The North Vancouver Museum is located in the Presentation House is a collection of artifacts, photos and information ranging from the first settlement of the region to present day. The building the Museum is housed in was constructed in 1902 and was originally a school for grade one to twelve. In 1913 it was converted to the North Vancouver City Hall which occupied the space for sixty-two years and afterwards, it served a variety of other municipal uses until 1975 when it was given to the Arts Council to become a community building. On September 12, 1976 the Museum was opened to the public and continues to operate today.

The collections encompass thousands of artifacts, over 40,000 historic photos, and information. The Museum's many exhibits range from logging equipment, tools, artifacts from the Burrard Dry Dock which was a main employer for North Vancouver over the last century, maritime tools and historical pieces, items from the construction and conception of the Lions Gate Bridge and even remnants from the buildings schoolhouse.

The Museum and Archives displays temporary exhibits throughout the year. Ranging from events that shaped the city to showcasing residents and their contribution to North Vancouver.

Although the Museum remains at the Presentation House, the Archives have since been moved to the Community History Centre at 3203 Institute Road in Lynn Valley. The Research Room is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday.

The present building housing the North Vancouver Museum has long outgrown its space and its collection is slated to be moved to a new building in the near future on the waterfront. For now, the Museum continues to be an interesting place to learn about the history of North Vancouver through exhibits, information and photos.

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With increased logging in the area, many early settlers and their families lives in the North Vancouver region. This meant schoolhouses were built to teach young children in these new settlements - artifacts from these olden day schools can be seen on display at the North Vancouver Museum and Archives in North Vancouver, British Columbia.
The North Vancouver Museum and Archives in North Vancouver, British Columbia has many exhibits detailing important milestones in the growth of the region. Primarily a logging area, the North Shore saw a boom in housing and development with the construction of the Lions Gate Bridge which allowed people to move freely between Vancouver and the North.
The Anne MacDonald Studio (and Hall) was named for the Arts Council Executive Director whom made significant contributions during her tenor to the arts programs in North Vancouver. Formerly the St. Johns Anglican Church, the building was constructed in 1899 and was an integral part of the community until the congregation moved to a larger structure in 1973.
The North Vancouver Museums and Archives in British Columbia offers many exhibits, artifacts and information about the history of the area as well as temporary exhibits. With displays ranging from logging to furniture and clothing, the Museum has something for everyone.

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