Old Hastings Mill Store, Vancouver

The exterior of the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia has been carefully restored to its original appearance and is an important historical building as it is the oldest in the city and also survived the 1886 Fire which ravaged the city. Visitors can explore both the museum and park - both interesting, beautiful and educational. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The Old Hastings Mill Store is the oldest building in Vancouver which survived the fire of 1886 and now serves as a museum.





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The Old Hastings Mill Store is Vancouver's oldest building, one a few to survive the fire of 1886 which ravaged the downtown core. After years of serving the Burrard Inlet, the Hastings Mill Store building was moved by barge in 1930 to its current location near Point Grey in Pioneer Park just off English Bay. Filled with thousands of artifacts dating from before the establishment of the settlement of Vancouver and more recent donations, the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum is a great place to check out some interesting photos, items and keepsakes of settlers and new immigrants to the city. Run by the Native Daughters of British Columbia, this informative and interesting heritage experience is great for locals and visitors to the city.

Sitting on the edge of English Bay in Pioneer Park is a building unlike any around it. New homes have come and gone over time, this building however, since the 1930s has been untouched by time.

The Old Hastings Mill Store, now the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum has for years amassed a collection of priceless objects, pictures and artifacts - some unique, some rare and some truly odd and fascinating.

Run by the Native Daughters of British Columbia, the museum in itself its an exhibit - built in 1867, it served as a store, selling groceries, supplies and other necessities to the new city and the nearby lumber mill as well as operating as the first Post Office, Library and Community Centre in the area. The Store however, faced its most trying time in June of 1886 when Vancouver was levelled by a fire that swept through the entire city. The building remained untouched, serving as a supply store, morgue, hospital and shelter for the hundreds who found themselves homeless.

The Old Hastings Mill Store served the city faithfully through its recovery - although the push for modernization soon became the site's downfall. With the closing and tearing down of the Mill, the Store that was so closely tied to it was also slated for destruction. The Native Daughters of Vancouver learned of the downfall of this important piece of Vancouver history and set out to save the Store, raising money and having it pulled from the ground and taken by barge to the shores of Point Grey on June 29, 1930.

Efforts to restore the building were carried out and in 1932 the Old Hastings Mill Store was opened as a Museum, cataloguing artifacts, photos and donated personal items relevant to Vancouver's History. Some of its most prolific items were the charred remains of tools and heirlooms owned by early settlers who watched their city burn in 1886.

The Store, now in its element as a Museum on the shores of English Bay, is open to the public throughout the year - weekends during the fall and spring, and every day but Mondays in the summer months.

Visited by hundreds of people from around the world, it has amassed an amazing array of items spanning decades of history and telling the unique stories of people living, immigrating and changing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Photo and Image Gallery

The Hastings Mill Store on the shore of Vancouver, British Columbia which serves as a museum run by the Native Daughters of British Columbia is the city's oldest building and was opened as a museum in 1931 as told on this plaque on the exterior of the building.
Inside the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum visitors can enjoy and explore the history of Vancouver, British Columbia via carefully labelled artifacts, photos and other pieces such as carriages, woven baskets and burnt remnants of the fire which ravaged the city in 1886.
Photos are just some of the many museum collections visitors to the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia can explore and enjoy with dozens of books and framed pictures to enjoy spanning the history of the city and some of its most recognizable locations and landmarks.
Moved from its original location in 1930 on the shores of the Burrard Inlet, Downtown Vancouver, the Old Hastings Mill Store has become a museum filled with memorabilia of over one hundred years of settlement in Vancouver and more with them museum's extensive collection of native baskets and tools.
Visitors can read the story of the Old Hastings Mill Store building in Vancouver, British Columbia on its exterior as two plaques detail its history and current use as a museum which houses artifacts spanning decades of local history to preserve for the next generation.
The Old Hastings Mill Store and Museum was established on the shores of Point Grey in Vancouver in 1932. Filled with historical photos, artifacts and even clothing, it continues to be an important preserved piece of Vancouver's past.
The Old Hastings Mill Store is Vancouver's oldest building, one of few to survive the fire of 1886 which ravaged what is now the downtown core. Moved to its current oceanside local in the 1930s to preserve it, the store now operates as a museum, full of interesting historic relics.

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Point Grey Rd. and Alma Rd., Pioneer Park
1575 Alma Road

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