Painters Circle, Stanley Park

Winter sees the least amount of artists in the year, however, there are still a few dotting the Painters Circle in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. These magnificent artworks are displayed throughout the year, giving an opportunity to new artists in the region. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Local artists can be found in the Painters Circle every day in Stanley Park, displaying their beautiful artworks inspired by the West Coast.



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Throughout the year, this set aside region between the tourism centre in Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium is a sight to behold. Popular for its beautiful landscapes and panoramic views, the West Coast has incorporated something else into its artistic resume - the Painters Circle - an amazing array of artists with varying skills, intricacy and mediums focusing on the unique landscape surrounding them. Throughout the year, patrons can walk this paved and grassy region, talking to local artists or viewing their amazing works in a truly unique outdoor gallery. This is one of Stanley Park's most interesting interactive exhibits for art enthusiasts and visitors to the region.

Stanley Park offers hundreds of natural attractions, however, some of its best tourists attractions come in the form of the people who make the Park the amazing place it is viewed as around the globe. These such people include the Painters Circle Artists, who day after day set up their wares in this beautiful locale, setting up their artwork for visitors to the Park.

With a variety of mediums - oil, acrylic, watercolour, wood, pastel, charcoal and even pencil - artists create pieces depicting a variety of scenes from the surrounding park, the wilderness and a variety of popular subjects.

Visitors to Stanley Park can come to the Painters Circle and browse through dozens of artworks, taking the opportunity to appreciate the pieces, as well as talk to the artists themselves. Further along the path, in the summer months, portrait artists draw caricatures of visitors to the Park, stopping a precious moment in time.

This Gallery under the sky has an informal yet picturesque setting, offering to visitors a glimpse into the art world that dominates the West Coast.

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Open throughout the year, the Painters Circle in Stanley Park is an open air market where local artists come to sell their artwork along the picturesque paths. With a variety of mediums and styles, visitors can purchase artwork or talk to the artists - one of the parks unique experiences.
The summer months brings the most visitors to Stanley Park, and likewise the most artists to the Painters Circle. This longtime Park tradition sees dozens of artists with a variety of skill and mediums showing off their talents and selling their work to visiting locals and tourists.

Location of Stanley Park Painters Circle

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Located near the tourist information centre - walk up the path going west.
Stanley Park

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