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The Port Moody Station in Port Moody, British Columbia is an important local heritage site as it served the region for almost 75 years bringing mail, food and new immigrants to the region along the railway. Today, the building is a Museum which offers historic photos, artifacts and includes a 1920s Venosta sleeping car. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The Port Moody Station was once an important transportation hub in this small city and now functions as the city's Museum.





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The City of Port Moody got its start when Province's former capital of New Westminster needed a place to get supplies if they were ever attacked. Although this decision proved unnecessary the town flourished, the railway came through and the Port Moody Station was built to welcome immigrants, tourists and provided services until the railway was closed in 1976. Today, the station operates as a museum which tells the story of the city through photos, artifacts and information which visitors can explore throughout the year.

Port Moody got its start when the City of New Westminster (formerly the Province's capital) needed a place to receive supplies if were ever to come under attack. Although this decision proved unnecessary, it brought it to the attention of the CPR when they were searching for a Western terminus. Port Moody was the last stop along the Canadian Pacific Railway until the railway was later extended to present-day Vancouver.

The Port Moody Station was built in 1908 and served as the primary station for Port Moody until 1976. It was designed as a live-in station with a variety of station masters and their families making it home over the years. After closing, the Port Moody Station was designated a heritage building and was moved to its current location and reopened as a Museum in 1983. The Port Moody Station Museum offers a look at this historic town and the railway which helped build it. Inside, the main floor has several permanent displays on Port Moody's early history. Several rooms have been restored such as to show what the Station looked like during its use. Feature community displays can also be seen throughout the year.

Outside, visitors can explore the 1920s sleeping car which was used by the Canadian Pacific Railway during its operation. Inside the car, two sleeping compartments have been fully restored along with a dining area. Also located on the property are smaller railway vehicles such as four-man handcars and a heritage garden.

Since 1882 the railway has played a central part in Port Moody's culture. Today, you can visit Port Moody's second train station which operates as a museum throughout the year. The Port Moody Station Museum offers the chance for visitors to explore the rich and interesting history of Port Moody. The Museum also hosts seasonal events throughout the year and lends our its four-man hand cars to the Golden Spike Days festival in nearby Rocky Point Park during July.

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Photo and Image Gallery

At the Port Moody Museum in Port Moody, British Columbia, visitors can go inside a restored 1920s Rail Car and see two sleeping berths and a dining area.
The Venosta is located on a set of rails across from the Port Moody Station Museum in Port Moody, British Columbia and is a 1920s restored Canadian Pacific Railway sleeping car which visitors can climb into and explore to see the sleeping boots, the dining room and bathrooms as well as pictures and artifacts.
Visitors to the Port Moody Station Museum in Port Moody, British Columbia can explore the grounds the Museum is located on to see many interesting artifacts once used by the Canadian Pacific Railway as well as old railway tools, a 1920s Venosta rail car and gardens with displays.
The Port Moody Station in Port Moody, British Columbia was built in 1905 to 1907 and was the second railway station built in the area and was a stop on the Trans Canada railway until 1976. It now operates as a museum and also includes a 1920s Venosta rail car.

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