Raccoons in Stanley Park

Adult Raccoon sitting on haunches eating bread near Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Raccoon eating bread by Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park on a sunny day





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Wild raccoons can be found around the edge of Lost Lagoon lake in Stanley Park, Vancouver's most popular destination. In Stanley park the raccoons have adapted to daylight and greet many curious visitors to the park along the paths surrounding the lake.

Starting at the bottom most part of Lost Lagoon on the southern side near the dilapidated information board, there is a path that takes you south along the waterfront of the lagoon. Be on lookout as this trail hides some very interesting creatures. This pathway is home to upwards of thirty raccoons hiding amidst the shrubbery waiting for the friendly passerby to feed them.

Be forewarned there is a maximum $5000 penalty if you are caught feeding wildlife in this park but many visitors and regulars have for years fed these docile creatures so they have no fear of humans as many of these species do in the wild, they in fact will come right up to most hikers throughout the park to the delight of many who have never seen these elusive night crawlers.

These playful furry creatures are very attracted to the sound of rustling plastic bags and will usually come out of hiding to paw at them. Best times to see these creatures are from mid morning to dusk (although they can be out at all hours) and baby raccoons can be seen from late spring to early fall.

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This sign is just one of many in the park warning visitors not to feed the raccoons in Stanley Park which is a finable offence
Adult Raccoon waiting for food on rocks beside Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park
This smaller raccoon is searching for food on this swans nest, most likely eggs, on the shore of Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park on a sunny day.
This adult raccoon is eating food left by passersby in later fall/autumn near Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park
Baby Raccoon on Rock in Stanley Park near Lost Lagoon
Two juvenile raccoons swimming across a pond near Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park
The raccoons in Stanley Park are mostly in the ground, but a few try out their climbing skills to find a safe place to sleep or eat a snack. The highest volume of raccoons can be found in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Location of Raccoons near Stanley park's Lost Lagoon, Vancouver, Canada

Use the interactive map below to locate and explore the areas around Raccoons near Stanley park's Lost Lagoon, Vancouver, Canada

Can be found on the south and west side of Lost Lagoon from the concrete bridge to the information board (gravel walkway)
Lost Lagoon
Stanley Park

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