Railspur Alley, Granville Island

Railspur Alley in the popular Granville Island is best known for its artistic stores, studios and also a place for artists of all ages to learn for the very artists who display their wares along the Alley. With its unique sign welcoming visitors to the shops and studios along this stretch of walkway, Railspur Alley has become a symbol of creativity and a place to find artwork in a variety of styles and mediums. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Railspur Alley's distinctive palette and paintbrush sign sits at the main west entrance into this distinction Granville Island area.





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Walking through Granville Island offers visitors different experiences and likewise new explorations. Railspur Alley, located on the east end of the Island is known for its art, unique fashions and its classes, which has made it a place for visitors to enjoy locally made products in an atmosphere where painters interact with the public and where community is the foundation allowing budding artists from the nearby Emily Carr Institute to display and sell work and also providing art classes for young children.

Known for its artistic shops, Railspur Alley is a favourite Granville Island locale for people looking for unique gifts, cards, artworks and art supplies. As well as its many shops, the area is home to one of the most prestigious art schools, the Emily Carr Institute named for the renowned native painter.

Its dozens of shops include several workshops which are open to the public throughout the year via open houses where visitors have the opportunity to talk to the artists face to face. Many of their pieces can be seen through the windows of the old industrial buildings which make up Railspur Alley. Many shops along this Alley offer one of a kind pieces made by local artisans - these include card shops, purses and leatherwear, clothing, paintings, hand blown glass and sculpture art.

The alley is also known for its child-friendly atmosphere - several workshops and classes are offered in the area with local artists.
With its interesting art works, laid back coffee shops, and range of products, Railspur Alley is a must see on Granville Island.

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Railspur Alley, filled with small shops selling artwork, clothing, art supplies and even lattes is a popular Granville Island destination offering art classes and unique pieces for any art lover visiting or living in the city.
Many artists work and learn in Granville Island - most in and around Railspur Alley. These colourful and stylistically unique artworks range from clay sculptures, metal works, paintings to carvings. Visitors throughout the year can peruse through galleries or even check out local artists in their studios which open to the public during certain times of the year.
With its little shops selling everything from leather clothing and purses to cards to galleries with a variety of artworks, it is unsurprising that Railspur Alley with its quiet bistros and cafes has become the artistic centre of Granville Island offering the opportunity for artists to mingle and visitors to find one of a kind artwork in this stunning locale.

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Railspur Alley is located on the eastern end of Granville Island - from the Public Market walk east and go south on Old Bridge Street at the Cement Company and Railspur Alley be a two minute walk south.
Railspur Alley
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