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Richmond celebrates is history, culture and achievements at the Richmond Museum located in the Cultural Centre in Minoru Park in Richmond, British Columbia. Several exhibits can be enjoyed and explored ranging over several important activities, industries and events within the City's history. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Richmond Museum has several exhibits and displays ranging from agriculture to fishing and canning to sports and to war.





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Located in the Richmond Cultural Centre and Library, the Richmond Museum offers a look at the Island City’s rich agricultural and fishery past as well as other events and places of interest. With pictures, information, displays, artifacts and computer programs aimed to teach visitors about this British Columbia city, the Richmond Museum is an excellent place to enjoy and to educate. With dozens of exhibits and temporary and rotating exhibits, the Museum is somewhere to visit from time to time to learn about Richmond.

With a collection of hundreds of artifacts, the Richmond Museum located in Minoru Park has become a testament to the decades of growth in the region. With displays ranging from the first public modes of transportation to a mock general store, the Museum houses many of Richmond's most important artifacts.

When Richmond was first formed over one hundred years ago there were two main industries - the Fishing and Canning industry and Farming. Fishing and Canning took place along the coast and Fraser River, especially in the Steveston area. Farming was located throughout the Island and what is now the city was once rich agricultural land - some farms still in operation on the Island's southern edge. Many of the displays highlight the importance of these industries to the city.

The Richmond Museum has many displays and boards with interesting information. Blueberry pickers, old tools and other items can be seen throughout the museum as well as ski equipment, streetcar seats, nets and immigration trucks as well as old pictures.

The Museum works hard to collect and display items and information significant to the development and history of Richmond. It is an interesting place to visit and appreciate Richmond and its roots.

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The Richmond Museum located in the Richmond Cultural Centre in Richmond, British Columbia introduces visitors to the Island City and its history, major events and exhibits ranging from agriculture, fishing and canning, war, sports and other topics.
The Richmond Museum in Richmond, British Columbia has many different permanent and temporary exhibits as well as computers that explore the history of the region and several displays. Visitors can explore a wide range of topics and areas of interest on the Island City.
Visitors to the Richmond Museum in Richmond, British Columbia can see several exhibits ranging from agriculture to war. Many residents participated in the war and the Museum honours their sacrifices and contributions to the City and Canada by exhibiting stories, photos and artifacts.
The Richmond Museum in Richmond, British Columbia has many exhibits ranging over several topics such as fishing and canning, war and agriculture. Blueberries have been an important crop in the area and tools to make harvesting them easier can be seen in the Museum such as this Blueberry Picker.
The Richmond Museum also celebrates its pioneering settlers such as Ling Chung Lam who in 1895 built a general store on the shores of Steveston in Richmond, British Columbia and the Museum has a small replica of the store within it for visitors to explore and learn about this important locale on the shores of the Island City.
The Richmond Museum in Richmond, British Columbia chronicles the history of the island city spanning over agriculture, canning and fishing, sports and its growth.

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The Museum is located in the Richmond Cultural Centre
7700 Minoru Gate
V6Y 1R9

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