Richmond Nature Park, Richmond

Harbouring dozens of displays ranging from how bogs are formed to their importance to the animals who call this space home. British Columbia's Richmond Nature Park offers one of the region's best Nature Houses allowing people of all ages to learn through touch, sound and sight using a variety of tools such as reptiles, displays and historical information. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Nature House is filled with exhibits to touch and read educating visitors about the unique bog ecosystem in the Park.





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Located atop the sensitive peat bog of Lulu Island, the Richmond Nature Park encompassing over 200 acres of land offers the opportunity to experience this unique ecological niche through its residents ranging from insects to small mammals and walking along its raised wooden boardwalks and low impact wood chip pathways. Its Nature Centre holds dozens of activities and displays to teach visitors about its bog and is one of its best resources to learn about this sensitive and rare ecosystem.

Located in central Richmond, British Columbia, the Richmond Nature Park sits on 200 acres of raised peat bog habitat which once covered Lulu Island - the Island which the city of Richmond is now situated on. Encompassing five kilometres of trails using boardwalks and low impact wood chip walkways, the Nature Park's sensitive ecosystem provides a place to learn, observe and enjoy.

A Park for all seasons, visitors can enjoy autumn colours on the deciduous trees and migratory birds, Winter provides a quiet area filled with snow, winter birds found at the various feeders through the Park, Spring sees hundreds of animals - newly hatched birds and a variety of small mammals. Summer sees the Nature Park's popularity increase tenfold with summer camps, children off school and long hot summer days to enjoy the shady trails winding throughout the Park.

One of this Richmond's Park most interesting elements is its wooden Nature House located on its southern edge. This interpretative centre offers resources, games, exhibits, activities and residents including bees and a variety of reptiles to teach visitors about the Bog. Trail guides and other information are also avaliable at the Nature House.

Due to the Nature Park's fragile environment, users are confined to the pathways and pets are not permitted in the region. Its beautiful surroundings, nature house and wildlife allows visitors to enjoy the bog and its many animal residents.

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The many trails and boardwalks which wind throughout Richmond's Nature Park found in the Greater Vancouver Region of British Columbia offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the sensitive ecosystem by creating low impact pathways to ensure the Park and bog environment will be used for decades to come.
The Richmond Nature Park in Richmond, British Columbia offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the various species of birds and animals (including insects) which live within the Park's boundaries. Using old nests and research, visitors are able to enjoy a variety of displays focusing on habitats, vegetation and the surrounding ecosystem which is specific to the Richmond Nature Park.
The Richmond Nature Park along with its Nature house aims to educate visitors of all ages about the raised peat bog, a remnant when Richmond was once known as Lulu island, Located in British Columbia, this sensitive ecosystem is a well established Park with boardwalks and trails winding throughout it.

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