Located 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, Richmond - known as the Island City as it is cut off from the mainland by the north and south arms of the Fraser River - offers scenic natural areas, bike paths, educational highlights as well as being the site of the Vancouver International Airport and the Richmond Oval.

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Things to do in Steveston Village

Richmond offers the best of both worlds in this oceanside city - with growth in the 1990s, the area has become a suburban city catering to people working in nearby downtown Vancouver while offering the close knit communities still intertwined with farmland and historical seaside communities. Tracks of land have been set aside offering visitors and locals biking opportunities or to explore the coastline and forests found within the city limits.

Named after a local farmstead by immigrants from Australia, Richmond was first established as a municipality in 1879. Farming took hold in the area as flood waters from the surrounding Fraser River deposited rich silt and providing a varieties of foods grown in the fertile land. It wasn't until 1990 that the area was designated a city as its proximity to the downtown, nearby international airport and closeness to the US Border popularized the location.

Its historical connections are highly celebrated as many museums can be found throughout the area, especially in the Steveston area. Once known as Salmonopolis, the south-western tip of Richmond was once a thriving fishing community with the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and Britannia Shipyards supplying canned fish worldwide. In the late 1970s, the cannery was closed and reopened to the public as museums and designated national historic sites in the mid 1980s. Now a beautiful seaside town, Steveston draws thousands to its quaint streets, piers, fish markets, museums and surrounding oceanside beaches and parks.

Richmond, British Columbia offers visitors plenty of activities to do, places to eat and coastal views to enjoy. With its distinctive natural and suburban setting, Richmond is one of Greater Vancouver's most beautiful outlying areas.

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Iona Beach Regional Park

With its views of the mountains, Ocean, nearby Vancouver International Airport and Vancouver Island, Iona Beach Regional Park and its unique four kilometre jetty, marsh and beaches offer a variety of activities for all ages.

Vancouver International Airport Observation Area

The Vancouver International Airport sees hundreds of inbound and outbound flights a day and visitors can join in on the action at the YVR Observation Area to learn about the different types of planes, observe them through binoculars and enjoy the view.

Airplane Lookout

The Airport Lookout at the eastern edge of the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) consists of a small parking lot which doesn't look like much, but the fun starts with the roar of jets and twin engine planes overhead coming in for a landing between five to fifteen minutes intervals.

Richmond Olympic Oval

Completed in 2009, this magnificent building hosted the long distance speed skating events for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Inspired by Native artwork and design the curved roof symbolizes a heron's wing and the building uses several distinct elements such as a pond, local artwork and pine beetle eaten wood.

Minoru Chapel

Located in Minoru Park and sharing its name, this beautiful Chapel amidst old trees, gardens and paths is a popular locale for weddings and celebrations. Its stunning white facade makes the Minoru Chapel truly one of the most beautiful buildings in the region.

Richmond Museum

The Richmond Museum in Minoru Park highlights the agricultural, fishing and canning, sports and miscellaneous history of the Island City spanning over a century with artifacts, displays and exhibits for public enjoyment.

Richmond Nature Park

Encompassing over 200 acres of land and five kilometres of trails over the remnants of Lulu Island, this peat bog with winding boardwalks and wood chip trails as well as its Nature Centre allows an understanding and appreciation of this sensitive ecosystem.

Richmond Country Farms

Offering a variety of different fruits, vegetables and plants, this small farm on the southern edge of Richmond is a vibrant place to visit. In the Fall The Pumpkin Patch opens with farm animals, hayrides, hoedowns, corn mazes and hundreds of pumpkins to chose from for Halloween.

London Heritage Farm

Situated not far from the banks of the Fraser River, this small farmstead offers a range of interesting activities for visitors including exploring the gardens, buildings, equipment and inside of the farmhouse as well as having homemade tea and snacks at the teahouse.