Rose Garden, Pavilion, Stanley Park

There are dozens of varieties of roses and other plants in the Stanley Park Rose Garden located in Vancouver, British Columbia which are a joy to the thousands of people who view them a year. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Stanley Park Rose Garden is filled with many colours from Summer to Fall such as these mixed yellow-orange roses.





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The West Coast Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia is best known for its wide range of gardens - from ethnic to carefully planned, to encompassing every plant or just a few. The Stanley Park Rose Garden specializes in its roses which were the garden's first prized inhabitants. In 1920 the Kiwanis Club of Vancouver planted a few bushes to show the hardiness of the plant and soon expanded with the popularity of the makeshift gardens. Since the eighty years they were planted, the gardens now encompass what were once the old greenhouses in the Park and contain a variety of plants taking advantage of the West Coast's long growing season. However, the roses are still the starring attraction with over a thousand rose bushes throughout the gardens which has become a popular site for tourists, weddings and festivals as well as home to the Stanley Park Pavilion which hosts many events and is also home to the Rose Garden Teahouse.

The Stanley Park Rose Garden's are the featured site in this famed Vancouver Park. Located just west of the main entrance to the Park, the Rose Garden is a haven for visitors in search of the inner beauty of this 1000 acre area.

Nestled in between Stanley Park's temperate forests and the network of roads winding through the Park, the Rose Gardens and Stanley Park Pavilion with its Rose Garden Teahouse have been a must see attraction in the park for over eighty years.

Established by the Kiwanis Club in 1920, the aim of the original garden was to show the areas growing ability - its success and subsequent popularity led to its expansion and the addition of many plants, which total over 3,500.

The gardens are filled with roses from July to October and a variety of others throughout the growing season which typically begins in March. The careful pruning and landscaping of the rose gardens has inspired its ethereal qualities which have made the site a popular Shakespearean locale, home to the Shakespeare Festival and the nearby Shakespeare Garden.

A popular site for weddings and formal events, the Rose Gardens and Stanley Park Pavilion are popular areas from the first blooms arriving in Spring to the last flower in Fall and a home to an odd assortment of creatures including peacocks, remnants of the Old Stanley Park Zoo.

The Stanley Park Rose Gardens continue to be one of the Park's most admired regions with people of all ages enjoying their beautiful surroundings - a culmination of decades of hard work and cultivation.

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The Stanley Park Rose Garden is a beautiful space filled with dozens of varieties of roses winding around a pergola or planted throughout the space appealing to horticulturists and visitors alike.
The Stanley Park Rose Garden is filled with dozens of plots filled with hundreds of varieties of plant species, most of them roses. The summer months see the area's most visitors along with the colourful blooms which open annually.
The trellis in the Stanley Park Rose Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the garden's most notable features with is stark white exterior extending over the main pathway through the garden. Visitors can enjoy the trellis throughout the year but is best enjoyed in summer with the many blooms in different colours can be seen along its length.
Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia offers many different attractions. The Rose Garden near its entrance offers dozens of varieties to enjoy through the summer and early fall and also have a meal at the pavilion and restaurant which is located nearby - also popular with events such as parties and weddings.

Location of Stanley Park Rose Garden, Pavilion and Teahouse

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The Rose Garden is located west of the roundabout near the W. Georgia entrance into the Park.
Stanley Park

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