Second Beach, Stanley Park

Second Beach, as seen from the Stanley Park Seawall is a wide ranging sandy shoal appealing to those who swim in the colder waters of the Pacific and those who choose to swim in the Second Beach Pool. Beautiful days bring hundreds of people enjoying the surf and sand and warm weather accompanying the summer months. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Second Beach, on the southern shore of Stanley Park is a beautiful place that sees visitors enjoying the ocean side locale year-round.





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Second Beach, one of the three beaches stretching from the most westerly point of Stanley Park to the West End is a favourite among thousands of people who live or visit Vancouver. Its stunning beach locale, swimming, rock formations, exploration during low tide, meadows, playgrounds and nearby amenities have made it a mecca for people looking for a way to escape the summer heat or spend time reading a book in the shade. The nearby seawall provides scenic walks along the southern shore of Stanley Park and connecting to pathways leading into the interior of the Park, popularizing Second Beach as a major junction and attraction.

Stanley Park's Second Beach is a popular destination in the summer months.

With its nearby amenities, the seawall, and its proximity to the city, this beach has become an oasis on hot days with its refreshing pool, beach and shady grassy area.

Second Beach throughout the year sees thousands of visitors playing on its sandy shores, exploring the uncovered rocks during low tide, or watching the sun set over English Bay. Its surrounding views have made it a popular rest stop for bikers, roller bladders, joggers and walkers making their way along the seawall while its bountiful wildlife sightings have enticed bird watchers and visitors to the park gleefully pointing out the seals staring curiously not far from the shore.

Its overwhelming popularity as an Oceanside favourite dates back to the 1880s where nearby residents trekked into Stanley Park for weekend gatherings which led to the creation of its popular pool, replaced in 1995 with a heated pool open from Victoria Day weekend to the end of the summer.

Other additions to the Second Beach area include two large playing areas for children, bike paths, public toilets, a concession stand, as well as nearby Ceperley Meadow, a picnic and sports area.

The beach itself is also swimmable, although the frigid ocean temperatures prove too merciless for some.

This is one of the many beaches in Vancouver that is staffed by a lifeguard in the summer months.

Second Beach has seen generations of families in the Vancouver region enjoying the sun, surf and sand offered at this well used Stanley Park locale, a history it continues with its ever growing popularity with both Vancouver residents and the millions who vacation in this picturesque city.

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Foggy and rainy days accentuate the beauty of the West Coast, especially when looking out into the ocean. Looking toward English Bay from Second Beach, the sights of the large ships in harbour and the grey skies paint an appealing view of the rainy days that Vancouver experiences.
Second Beach at Stanley Park sees many people throughout the year taking walks on the sand and enjoying the last rays of sun. Vancouver, British Columbia is known for its radiant sunsets such as this golden array of colours marking the end of another day along the west coast.
The weather in Vancouver can be variable as its proximity to the open ocean allows for sudden weather and the city's famed temperate climate. Weather can also create interesting cloud formations such as this one over Second Beach, Stanley Park.
For years, an unknown artist has created found art, balancing rocks along the shore in precarious looking stacks. This particular formation near Second Beach, Stanley Park shows the many other assembled structures along the seawall.
Seals, spotted along the shores of Stanley Park rarely come close to shore, however, this baby seal decided to take a nap on a pile of rocks near Second Beach.
Second Beach along the southern edge of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia is a beautiful beach with a swimming pool, concession stand, beautiful views, ocean access and a nearby shaded park to enjoy any day of the year.

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On the Southern edge of Stanley Park near the Pitch and Putt Golf Course
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