Second Beach Oceanside Swimming Pool, Stanley Park

The Second Beach swimming pool on the southern ocean edge of Stanley Park is a favourite summertime destination for residents and visitors to the city to cool off surrounded by the beauty of Stanley Park and the nearby Ocean. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Second Beach swimming pool in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia is a popular attraction during the summer months.



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Resting on the edge of English Bay on the southern shores of Stanley Park is the Second Beach Swimming Pool. Open from mid-May to early September, this heated pool encircled by the famous Stanley Park Seawall is a favourite day trip for families and groups. The warm waters, cool ocean breeze and nearby amenities had popularized the site, creating a one stop entertainment venue. Whether taking a turn going down a slide, resting on the nearby grass, or having an ice cream at the nearby concession stand, the breathtaking views, beautiful weather and fun atmosphere has made the Second Beach Swimming Pool a popular summer destination.

Stanley Park's Second Beach outdoor swimming pool is a favourite spot for families and park visitors looking to refresh on the ocean's edge.

Located on the southern portion of Stanley Park, the pool sits at the edge of the shore, encircled by the seawall and encompassing the 50 meter long pool, grassy knoll (in the busier summer months to extend the area for visitors to relax) and several slides, a children's play area and watchful lifeguards.

Nearby, amenities such as the ocean, Second beach, a Concession Stand, change rooms, bathrooms, meadow and children's parks have made the pool a popular day trip in the summer months.

The popularity of the Second Beach pool aside from its ocean counterpart is temperature. The swimming pool is heated during its opening months, still a relief from the warmer weather but not as frigid as the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Second Beach in the later 1960s used to have an older style pool that relied on the ocean to fill it and likewise clean it. Massive gates used to enclose the water and when it needed to be changed, it was emptied and refilled with the tide. As the government put limits on the practise, the current Stanley Park Swimming Pool was built in 1995 as a separate entity from the ocean, also encompassing luxuries such as the heating and slides which have made it a popular summer venue.

Open mid-May to early September, Second Beach Swimming pool offers a variety of amenities, warm water, panoramic views of English Bay and the Park as well as a child friendly environment, letting visitors relax and enjoy a beautiful day on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

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The Second Beach Swimming Pool in Stanley Park is open from late May to September - Vancouver's summer months. A popular location for day trips and families, the pool offers many amenities and a spectacular oceanside view.

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On the Southern edge of Stanley Park near the Pitch and Putt Golf Course
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