Siwash Rock, Stanley Park

The westerly Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia is home to Siwash Rock, a unique basaltic Sea Stack found only in this part of the city. Throughout the year visitors can walk along the Seawall to visit it as well as in the evening when the sun begins to sink to the western horizon, beautifully highlighting it and its long tree on its top. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Siwash Rock along the Stanley Park Seawall is brilliantly outlined by the sun setting toward the west in the evenings.





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An interesting stop seen along the Seawall extending from Canada Place in Downtown Vancouver all the way to Vanier Park in Central Vancouver is Siwash Rock found on the most south-westerly portion of Stanley Park. This geologic oddity is the only one of its kind in Vancouver created during volcanic activity over 32 million years ago. The lone tree at its top is a favourite spectacle as it grows on on of the toughest environments along the coast. Siwash Rock is a picturesque and beautiful stop along the Stanley Park Seawall.

Towering over visitors to the Park, Siwash Rock is one of the most visited and admired geological specimens in the Vancouver region.

Created over 32 million years ago, this unique basaltic Sea Stack rose from the earth's core through volcanic activity and has since been a historical and culturally significant site.

Found in native legend and thought to be a symbol of 'Clean Fatherhood' Siwash rock has amazed park visitors for its unique appearance as well as the lone tree (a Douglas fir) found at its peak which has weathered years of rough environmental activity. Although not the original which did not survive the drought of 1965, the appearance of a second sapling after efforts by park employees produced the tree that stands there today.

The monolith still stands against the forces of nature and its astounding natural surroundings make it a favourite stop on the seawall path, especially during the late evening with it is highlighted by the setting sun.

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Siwash Rock is a symbol of the unique and interesting sights Vancouver's Stanley Park has to offer. 32 Million years ago, volcanic activity underneath the park created this unique flower pot like rock formation which along with the tree growing at its summit, is a popular attraction along the Seawall.
Siwash Rock in Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia has been on the shores of Vancouver for centuries. Its interesting shape (it is a sea stack - the only of its kind in the area) created by volcanic activity inspired dozens of legends for the local natives whom viewed the odd rock as a landmark due to its distinctiveness.
Stanley Park's Siwash Rock is a much studied interest among geologists, and visitors to the Park. Created via volcanic action over 32 million years ago, this beautiful rock formation is the subject of photos, paintings and continues to be a well known natural landmark along the seawall.

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Along the Stanley Park Seawall on the south-west portion of the trail
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