Located on the north end of Howe Sound and at the midpoint between West Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia and is known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. Home to wide range of activities ranging from rock climbing to hiking to even wind surfing, Squamish is a popular destination along the Sea to Sky Highway.

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The city was founded in 1910 with the expansion of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Squamish was named for the native peoples who lived in the area. Forestry was the region's driving industry but with the last mill closure in 2006 the area now provides cheap housing for people unwilling to pay premiums for Vancouver or Whistler, both approximately an hour away.

The area is best known for its recreational space. Billed as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, Squamish offers visitors a variety of activities. Stawamus Chief Park is the most noted landmark in Squamish. This 700 meter high granite mountain has smooth treeless sides popular with climbers as well as offering hiking trails. Nearby Shannon Falls Provincial Park is home to the third highest waterfall in British Columbia and a variety of parks in the region offer mountain biking, swimming, camping, hiking and river rafting.

Its strong connection to the outdoors continues with the rare species that live and migrate annually to Squamish. The high cliff face of Stawamus is a nesting sight to Peregrine Falcons and in the winter months Bald Eagles take refuge in the bare trees in nearby Brackendale.

Squamish, with its proximity to both Whistler and Vancouver is a great day or weekend trip to enjoy some of the best trails - whether climbing, hiking or biking - in the region.

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Shannon Falls Provincial Park

Shannon Falls is the third largest waterfall in the province of British Columbia located in Shannon Falls Provincial Park which supports picnicking, hiking and other amenities.

Stawamus Chief Park

This granite monolith rises 700m above Squamish providing hikers and climbers advanced trails. Its three peaks offers a variety of views of the surrounding mountains and city below.

Squamish Adventure Centre

This wood and glass structure along the Sea to Sky Highway is one of the region's best resources offering information, food and amenities for travellers looking to explore Squamish and region.

West Coast Railway Heritage Park

The West Coast Railway Heritage Park offers visitors a chance to explore restored rail cars filled with artifacts, pictures and memorabilia from the golden age of the Railway in British Columbia as well as ride the miniature railroad that circles the Park.

Brackendale Eagle Viewing

Billed as the Winter Home of the Bald Eagle, this region sees thousands of eagles seasonally from mid-November to mid-February making Brackendale one of the top viewing areas in the world.