Children's Farmyard, Stanley Park

This Rooster is only one of many chickens in the Children's Farmyard surveying the animals in this quiet environment in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. A popular place for all ages, the Farmyard brings rural back into this popular city park exposing delighted children to playful goats, sheep, rabbits and other animals. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Children's Farmyard in Stanley Park is full of interesting creatures such as this Rooster who chose to stay in the barn but keep a lookout on the activity in the outdoor courtyard.





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The Children's Farmyard, the last remnant of what was once the Stanley Park Zoo, still sits in the quiet interior of Stanley Park, not far from the Seawall. Inside the gates are a plethora of animals such as playful goats looking to be scratched, bounding sheep and geese. Chickens roaming freely survey their domain as visitors to the park indulge in the farm-like atmosphere. With a variety of creatures, the Farmyard is a place for all ages to delight in observing, petting and learning in Stanley Park.

**The Stanley Park's Children Farmyard was permanently closed on January 2, 2011 as per a decision by the Vancouver Parks Board**

A remnant of when Stanley Park used to own and operate a zoo within the park boundaries, the Children's Farmyards a place for children to experience the life on the farm.

With animals such as goats, geese, rabbits, chickens, pigs and even some reptiles, this small but well organized and authentic looking farm introduces children to the delight of these gentle creatures, even in some cases, allowing them to touch them.

The Farmyard is open through the themed events of the Ghost Train, a Halloween celebration in Stanley Park as well as the largely popular Christmas Train. The Farmyard is open to observe the animals in their pens.

The day time hours throughout the year see the animals roaming the authentic looking farmyard. Goats, sheep, chickens and ducks wander the outside area and fenced in geese, cows, llamas and pigs can be found in various areas, as well, the indoor barns allow rabbit and guinea pig petting.

A delight for all ages, this is fun place to experience a farm environment in the city.

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The Children's Farmyard in Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia is a popular little petting zoo and farm in the middle of this large urban park. A remnant of the old zoo which was in the Park, the farmyard is full of animals which wander through the fenced areas and around the pond which is located in the yard.
The Children's Farmyard in Stanley Park is home to a diverse range of creatures such as turtles, birds and spiders to more standard farm animals such as goats, sheep, cows ans pigs. There are two types of chickens in farm such as the strange furry variety with long feathers which can be seen at the entrance.
Sheep are some of the many residents which live in the Children's Farmyard in Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia which live at the back of the barn. Visitors to the Farmyard can pet the animals and enjoy the farm-like atmosphere, one of the only ones in the Vancouver Area in its largest urban park.
The Children's Farmyard in Stanley Park is a popular place for parents and their kids, couples and friends to congregate and enjoy the multitude of farm animals who wander in the courtyard.

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