Stawamus Chief Park, Squamish

Squamish's Stawamus Chief is one of the regions most interesting geological formations. Visible from the entire city and entering it, Stawamus Chief is a beautiful and visible landmark offering visitors to this British Columbian city climbing, hiking, views and more. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Stawamus Chief is one of Squamish's most recognizable landmarks. Its size and obvious sheer cliffs are both scenic and awe-inspiring.





Spring, Summer, Fall


Not Raining


4 hours 40 minutes


Pay Parking

What to bring:

Camera, Binoculars, Drink, Hiking Boots

Stawamus Chief, known locally as the Chief is one of the regions most visited parks. A mecca for hikers and rock climbers, the area attracts some of the best in their respective fields looking for a challenge or to enjoy the panoramic views from the three peaks on the Chief and its sheer cliff face 700 meters above the city of Squamish. Hikers can take to these or trek to Shannon Falls and its Provincial Park below - all routes are under two kilometres (individuals attempting all four trails can also camp in the interior). Offering well travelled trails using bridges, ladders and ropes for safety, the area sees over half a million visitors annually, a number increasing with its popularity.

One of the most notable geological landmarks in the Squamish Region is Stawamus Chief. Towering 700 meters above the city, the sheer granite cliff face is distinctive from the tree and shrub covered mountains that surround it. This sheer cliff has made it internationally known for its rock climbing routes which scale this giant monolith.

he two main activities in Stawamus Park are climbing and hiking. Enthusiasts from around the world come to the Chief to practice their skills. Hiking sees most of the Park's visitors with four trails winding through the forest and offering beautiful vistas of Howe Sound, the mountains, Shannon Falls, Squamish and the Sea to Sky Highway below. Three trails lead to the three peaks on Stawamus Chief - the fourth is a climb to the top of Shannon Falls in nearby Shannon Falls Provincial Park.

It is notable that some climbing routes are closed from mid-March to July for Peregrine Falcon nesting season. With a re-emergence of the species on Stawamus Chief some rock faces are out of bounds during these months.

Encompassing 506 acres of land, the Chief is a popular outing for visitors to the Squamish area and nearby residents. The Park offers many amenities such as public restrooms, walk-in campsites, and picnic areas.

A beautiful Park, Stawamus Chief offers visitors a chance to experience the region with well travelled trails, stunning panoramas and the experience of a lifetime.

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Part of the West Coast Charm of the Squamish Region in British Columbia are some of its unique landscapes. The temperate rain forest in the region is highly competitive, those trees that do die become homes for animals with naturally occurring (or animal made) hollows providing an entrance to many of these shelters.
Fog occurs in the West Coast Region when moisture from the ground begins to evaporate. Much fog can by low lying and occurs in temperate rain forests such as the ones found in Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in Squamish, British Columbia. The beautiful fog laden surroundings can be an interesting sight along the area's many hiking trails.
Adjacent to the Sea to Sky Highway, several viewpoints on the trail up Stawamus Chief show the smooth cliff face which allows a view unlike anywhere in British Columbia, looking straight down to the roadway below. Stawamus Chief is very popular with climbers and hikers who enjoy its views and range of difficulties.
With its mostly treeless peak, Stawamus Chief offers incredible views of the Howe Sound region. As the mountain ranges in this area of British Columbia are packed around the region, the views of the weather rolling over the mountains is a common sight, one of the most beautiful sights seen from this climbing and hiking hot spot.
Stawamus Chief is one of the area's most interesting geological features - its smooth, treeless appearance has made it a visible landmark in the Squamish area while also providing challenging hikes and beautiful views from its peaks.
Stawamus Chief is a large rock on the edge of the city of Squamish. Supporting a variety of activities such as climbing and hiking, the Chief brings hundreds of people to experience its magnificent views, breathtaking panoramas and advanced trails.

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Located on the southern edge of Squamish - look for the large treeless rock and signage.

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