Fisherman's Memorial Needle, Richmond

Resting on the edge of a rocky peninsula overlooking the delta of the Fraser River which all fishing boats from Steveston must pass through, the Fisherman's Memorial Needle is a beacon a means to remember lost comrades and family members. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Fisherman's Memorial Needle sits on a small rocky peninsula at Garry Point Park in Steveston, British Columbia.





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Just off the main pathway at Garry Point Park in Steveston, British Columbia, overlooking the southern fork of the Fraser River spilling into the Pacific Ocean is the Fisherman's Memorial Needle, paying tribute to those who lost their lives to the job, a memorial fitting for a Village with its roots so deeply intertwined with the sea. This distinctive monument sits where all fishing boats must pass it, a reminder for some, a memorial for others.

Located in Garry Point Park on the western edge of Steveston, British Columbia, the Fisherman's Memorial Needle commemorates the fishermen who have lost their lives on the ocean working to catch fish for the nearby Cannery.

The monument is composed of a large fishing needle surrounded by a concrete circular structure which on the outer edges has the names of those who lost their lives fishing inscribed into the stone inlay. Four markers in the grassy edge mark the compass points, a vital piece of knowledge to help fishermen arrive safely back in port.

The monument reads:

May 4, 1996
This memorial honours all the fishermen of our community who have
lost their lives in the pursuit of their profession.
Their courage, dedication and contribution to the development of our
community will never be forgotten.

Set on a beautiful rocky outcrop overlooking the boats coming in and going out into the nearby Pacific Ocean, the Fisherman's Memorial Needle is an interesting monument in the village of Steveston.

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The Fisherman's Memorial Needle located on a small peninsula in Garry Point Park in Steveston, British Columbia, this monument commemorates the fishermen who have lost their lives on the job.
With its shiny silver exterior and surrounded by a concrete foundation with embedded plaques memorializing Steveston residents who lost their lives in the trade, the Fisherman's Memorial Needle is a beautiful tribute to Fishermen who risk their lives on the open ocean and to those who did not come back.
The Fisherman's Memorial Needle found in Steveston, British Columbia's Garry Point Park overlooks the ocean and depicts some of those images experienced by fisherman onto this memorial such as plaques of boats on turbulent seas and some of the sights to be seen along the journey.

Location of Fisherman's Memorial Needle

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From the parking lot at Garry Point Park pass the Japanese Garden along the south trail - follow it to the small peninsula where the fisherman's memorial is located.

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