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Located in the centre of Steveston Village in Richmond, British Columbia, this brightly coloured red and yellow building has been home to families, businesses and now operates as the Museum commemorating its one hundred years of history. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

Steveston Museum allows visitors to explore the building's past through walking tours and displays.





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Located in central Steveston, this old building served as the area's first bank until 1963. Purchased by the city of Richmond in 1977, and reopened as a Museum in 1979, this hundred year old building is a fascinating place to visit. Along with its mock general store and remnants of its bank era, the Steveston Museum has photos and artifacts on display as well as original furniture and signs, offering visitors a self guided tour through the history of the Steveston region.

The Steveston Museum is housed in a century year old building located in this historic thriving fishing and canning village which now operates as a tourist destination.

Built in 1905 this small building was a branch of the Northern Crown Bank which merged with the Royal Bank of Canada which used the building until 1963. The bank was then moved across the street in the 1970s. The building traded hands offering medical services until it was purchased by the City of Richmond to turn into a historical site.

Several clues of the building's primary use can be seen such as the old vault door and the banker's office. The rooms at the top were the residence of the bank manager who also provided evening security. A brochure for the Steveston Museum is available for a self guided tour for interested individuals.

Today, the Steveston Museum offers visitors the opportunity to look into the Villages past. Old canned foods, a mock general store, kitchen and small garden allow visitors to explore Steveston's rich historical background as once a busy canning and fishing town and now, as a tourist hub. The yellow and red wood panelled building also operates as a Post Office offering a variety of services.

One of the area's oldest buildings, the Steveston Museum offers a historical perspective on the area as well as an educational experience on life in the early 1900s on British Columbia's Western Coast.

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Photo and Image Gallery

The Steveston Museum in Richmond, British Columbia offers a variety of displays for visitors to learn from including the mock general store with items once for sale including canned and dry goods, clothing and other items.
The old bank vault doors are on display at the Steveston Museum in Richmond, British Columbia, commemorating the building's use as a bank from 1918-1963 when it was relocated. Its rich historical value and worn look makes it a charming element of this old building.
Richmond's Steveston Museum located in picturesque British Columbia offers visitors a chance to explore the area's history with photos, displays, various artifacts and representations of what living in different eras was once like.
Located in the regions former first bank building, the Steveston Museum and Post Office in Richmond, British Columbia is full of artifacts from when the building was a bank, house and general store.

Location of Steveston Museum and Post Office

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3811 Moncton St
V7C 3A0

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