Steveston Village

A historic fishing and canning community, Steveston now operates as a tourist destination with two National Historic Sites - the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and the Britannia Shipyard - a museum, several shops, a multitude of restaurants along the landing, the fisherman's wharf and parks which surround this small village. A year round destination, visitors and locals can stroll the quiet streets and soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant village.

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Map of Things to do in Steveston Village

Located on the south-western edge of Richmond, Steveston was historically a separate village which merged with Richmond. Founded in the late 1870s, fishing was the area's main economic export which soon added canning, becoming one of the largest producers of canned salmon in Canada. However, with the decline of the industry Steveston saw closures of the cannery. The village may have disappeared if the federal government did not realize the historical importance of the area, providing funding to reopen the cannery as an educational tool creating one of Greater Vancouver's few National Historic Sites along with the nearby Britannia Shipyard.

Its windswept parks on the shores of the Fraser River are popular with kite fliers, bikers and beach goers. Visitors can sit along Garry Point Beach and watch Steveston's fleet of over 600 fishing vessels - Canada's largest - coming in and out of the harbour looking for the days catch. The fields of Lupins in the warm summer months and treeless, windswept meadows offer professional and beginner kite fliers the opportunity to try out their skills in the ocean air.

Canada Day is a big celebration in Steveston - since 1945, the Steveston Salmon Festival has brought thousands to the village with a parade, arts and crafts, barbecue (salmon of course) and entertainment.

This small village with a big impact on Canada's West Coast is an ideal destination for visitors and locals to experience a variety of activities, museums, parks and festivals.

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Garry Point Park

With its treeless meadows, Garry Point Park offers some of the area's best kite flying, sunsets and views of the Fraser River and Gulf Islands. With its flowers, rocky shores, beaches and quiet it is a beautiful place to enjoy and visit.

Fisherman's Memorial Needle

Located on a small peninsula in Gary Point Park, the distinctive Fisherman's Memorial Needle overlooks the Pacific Ocean and serves as a place to remember those who lost their lives fishing the oceans.

Kuno Japanese Garden

Honouring a century of immigration between Japan and Canada, the Kuno Japanese Gardens - with its sculpted trees and winding pathways - was designed in a traditional Dry-Pond style offering views of Steveston Village and the nearby Fraser River.

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery was built in 1894 and operated until 1979. It was reopened as a Canadian National Historic Site in 1994. The Cannery is full of old equipment, movies, a model of the canning line and includes tours to educate visitors.

Steveston Landing

One of the village's most lively areas is the landing located on the pier high above the shores of the Fraser River. Dozens of unique shops and restaurants line the boardwalk which offers views of the Steveston fishing fleet and nearby national historic sites.

Fisherman's Wharf

Connected to Steveston Landing, the Fisherman's Wharf offers visitors the opportunity to walk alongside fishing boats and purchase a variety of types of seafood while enjoying the ambiance of the Village's history.

Steveston Museum

In the centre of Steveston's quaint village is one of its oldest buildings. Built in 1905 and serving as the area's first bank, the Steveston Museum now archives historical artifacts, photos and furnishings as well as operating as a Post Office.

Japanese Fisherman's Statue

Overlooking the southern arm of the Fraser River and the village of Steveston is the Japanese Fisherman's Statue, commemorating the Japanese immigrants who have been integral to the growth of the British Columbia fishing industry.

Britannia Shipyards

For decades, Steveston's fishing fleet depended on the shipyard for repairs, to build new ships, or a place to dock. Filled with a variety of interesting buildings to explore, the Britannia Heritage Shipyard offers an experience tied to the roots of nearby Steveston Village.