Tantalus Viewpoint, Sea to Sky Highway

The Tantalus Mountain Range can be seen from Vancouver on clear days. Situated along the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia, the Tantalus Viewpoint offers a lookout for visitors driving along this scenic stretch of highway to take a break and enjoy the splendour of the West Coast. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The upper Tantalus Viewpoint is shaded by trees and has rock formations making viewing easier for people who stop along the Sea to Sky Highway.





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Tantalus Viewpoint along British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway is one of the most impressing in the region. Overlooking the Tantalus mountain range (which is also visible from Vancouver on clear days) the lookout allows visitors to get out of their cars, stretch their legs and overlook these beautiful snow-capped mountains as well as the valley and river below. An awe-inspiring sight, this detour is not to be missed along this scenic roadway as few stops are allowed along this route.

The Sea to Sky Highway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful roadways in British Columbia, weaving through the mountains, lakes and rivers with a variety of interesting stops along the way. With its start point at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver and continuing on past Pemberton, the Sea to Sky offers beautiful views but due to road constrictions few stops are allowed along the roadways.

One of the few stops along the Sea to Sky Highway is its most remarkable. 12 kilometres past Squamish (travelling northward - travelling south it is approximately 25 minutes outside Whistler's district limits) is Tantalus View Point. This lookout is found on both directions of the roadway, a lower lookout just off the highway and an upper lookout above the highway with a road turnoff (which can be quite easy to miss - look for the green lookout turn off sign).

The upper lookout is for northbound cars only with a turn off onto a hill with a parking lot above. Its high vantage point over the Sea to Sky Highway shows a magnificent panorama of the Tantalus mountain range, forests and valleys with rivers below. The area also has an ornately carved wooden bench and large trees providing shade for visitors.

The lower lookout for southbound cars is a turn off on the main Sea to Sky highway and encompasses a concrete divider and sign detailing the meters above sea level looking onto the spectacular view.

Available for all travellers, the lookout offers stunning views of the beautiful mountains and is a must see on the journey between Squamish and Whistler. Be sure to keep a lookout for the view point signs or the turnoff will be missed.

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The Tantalus Viewpoint along British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway is one of its most stunning. With panoramic views of the valleys, forests and glacier covered mountains, many people stop to eat lunch, take pictures and enjoy the view.
One of the Sea to Sky Highway's best views, the Tantalus lookout is a stop for many travellers who throughout the year can view these snow capped mountains. The Tantalus Mountain range is one of the most visible along this stretch of roadway in British Columbia.
The lower Tantalus Viewpoint is for vehicles travelling south on the Sea to Sky Highway. Along with signage, barriers and an otherwise unobstructed view, the lookout is one of the most stopped at along the roadway from Whistler to Vancouver in the province of British Columbia.
Tantalus Viewpoint along British Columbia's Sea to Sky Highway is one of the most scenic panoramas accessible along this route looking toward the Tantalus Mountain range and the valley and rivers below.

Location of Tantalus Viewpoint

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Along Sea to Sky Highway, 20 minutes past Squamish, follow the signs. There are two viewpoints, one for cars going south on the main road and another for northbound cars on a hill.

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