The Lobster Man, Granville Island

With is distinctive brightly coloured sign, the Lobster Man is one of Granville Island's most interesting shops filled with dozens of different sea creatures for sale. Ranging from mussels to crabs to lobsters, any seafood lover would love the fresh (and cooked!) food at the Lobster Man. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Lobster Man's location among the old buildings is almost hidden except for its large sign with a giant lobster painted on it.





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Located on the edge of Granville Island near the western Marina, close to the fishing boats, is The Lobster Man. This small shop in operation since 1977 has provided fresh, live (and prepackaged) seafood for locals and visitors such as lobsters, crabs, oysters, clams and sometimes, king crabs. This interesting shop offers visitors a chance to get close to the West Coast and providing an opportunity to try local delicacies with the shops on site kitchen.

Along the perimeter of Granville Island the ambiance of this much loved destination is centred in the art of great food and great art. Many original tenants of Granville Island helped build its world renowned status with interesting shops with a variety of unique wares.

One such shop along the old industrial buildings that make up the skeleton of the Island is The Lobster Man. Located close to the docks its fresh wares come from, the store offers dozens of seafood delicacies such as crabs, oysters, its namesake - lobsters, mussels, clams, scallops and even on occasion live King Crab. All seafood - both live and packaged is avaliable for curious people to observe in several 25,000 gallon salt water tanks.

Open since 1977, The Lobster Man has found a niche in the difficult Granville Island Market - the store provides recipes, shipping to most countries as well as on site crab and lobster cooking. It is highly recommended to try the local crab, a tasty Vancouver favourite.

Whether just to visit and look at the amazing array of sea creatures or to purchase some fine local foods, The Lobster Man is one of Granville Island's most interesting shops.

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The iconic seafood shop, The Lobster Man located in Granville Island is a popular destination for seafood lovers and curious visitors looking at the dozens of varieties of sea creatures on site.
King Crabs, a rarely seen live in shops can be seen infrequently at The Lobster Man caught by the fishermen who bring in the catches for the shop. Located on the edge of Granville Island near the Marina, is this little shop offering visitors a taste of the West Coast.
Granville Island's Lobster Man offers many varieties of seafood, one of its most popular being the Dungeness Crab, a foodstuff particularly populous along Vancouver's West Coast making it a cheaper but delicious dinner idea from the Lobster Man.
Many different ocean delicacies can be found at the Lobster Man. Lobsters (the namesake of this seafood seller) are inexpensive and can be cooked on site for interested buyers. Lobster meat as well as recipes can also be found in this much loved Granville Island locale.

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