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Grouse Mountain, Vancouver

Grouse Mountain is our top destination because of its various activities including the Grouse Grind, a 'favourite' weekend workout, west coast animals, hiking trails, year round accessibility, and most of all the view! We have spent many weekends atop this mountain and there are always new and interesting things happening here. For first time visitors and locals, the experience is very worthwhile.

Vancouver Sea Wall

Vancouver's iconic seawall should be its main attraction. With 22 kilometres of pathway leading from Canada Place, around Stanley Park, circling False Creek and ending in Vanier Park, this amazing trail offers some of the most spectacular views of the mountains, the city, ocean and at low tide up close views of the small crabs hiding in the rock pools. The Seawall is one of our favourite weekend strolls throughout the year!

The Lost Lagoon, Raccoon Row

We came across these crafty creatures on a stroll one day in Stanley Park, odd because raccoons are usually very shy and only come out under the cover of darkness. Not these guys! Years of being fed by humans have made them very people friendly, and they'll come right up to you on the pathway! Many people have never seen a raccoon much less one up this close! After many years it's STILL a great experience!

Cypress Mountain, Vancouver
Cypress Mountain is our favourite ski destination in the winter months. With both day and night skiing, it not only accommodates our schedules, but the slopes and views are amazing! The halfway viewpoint is a popular panoramic view throughout the year. It's also a fun place to take visitors to show the 'ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon' Vancouver saying as snow stays on ground until June.
The Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver

The Museum of Anthropology on the UBC Campus is a well designed site highlighting some of the best West Coast Native Art in the World. There are dozens of carvings, photos, artifacts from around the world and some of the most famous works by Bill Reid, a prominent Native artist who carved "The Raven and the First Men". If you have a twenty dollar bill on hand you'll see its amazing likeness in the lower left corner.

Granville Island Public Market
Looking for a unique culinary experience? Granville Island's Public Market is the place to go! Decadent deserts, fresh vegetables, local seafood and a large food court with dozens of diverse stalls make up this old industrial building. The Island is home to hundreds of shops, not just the Public Market, but it rates high on the list because everything here tastes, smells and looks good enough to eat from their displays!
Kayaking, Vancouver

The best way to see Vancouver is from its adjoining ocean. It's easy to rent a kayak and go for a unique city adventure passing by landmarks such as Science World, the Olympic Village, the Centennial Museum and more! The view of Vancouver is unlike any other as well as the surrounding ocean which offers the occasional curious seal. Kayaking Vancouver is an exhilarating and amazing experience that never gets old!

Vancouver Aquarium
The idea of an 'aquarium' is lost sometimes in large cities, but Vancouver has gone above and beyond, showcasing amazing local species and large tanks with everyone's favourite animals, the beluga whales! The baby beluga born in June of 2008 saw a hoard of visitors, ourselves included! With hands on activities and shows throughout the day the aquarium is a perfect for a day trip within Stanley Park!
Ted and Mary Rhododendron Garden

After the dreary winter disappears, the edge of the Stanley Park pitch & putt course is ablaze with colour. The Ted and Mary Rhododendron Garden is amazing! With dozens of varieties, fragrant blooms throughout the summer and a maze of hidden pathways, it is hard not to love this beautiful garden. The optimal growing conditions in Vancouver have created a paradise in the midst of Stanley Park � be sure to visit it!

Capilano Suspansion Bridge, North Vancouver
This exciting attraction is attended by almost every visitor to Vancouver. Swinging precariously over the Capilano River, the suspension bridge in the aptly named park is a fun and exciting way to explore the North Shore. Since the early 1900s people have come to Capilano Suspension Bridge. New activities such as the native learning centre, the cliff hanger walk and the treetops adventure continue to entice visitors to the bridge!

TOP 10

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