Totem Poles, Stanley Park

The Stanley Park Totem Poles near Brockton Point in Vancouver, British Columbia are one of the Park's most popular attractions. The totem poles are part of the Pacific Northwest Native culture with great significance to the people depicting stories, people and mythological animals important to them. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Stanley Park Totem Poles are the most visited in the Vancouver region with colourful designs interpreted for visitors.



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On the most North-Eastern side of Stanley Park is Brockton Point. This peninsula is the home of the Totem Poles of Stanley Park. Carved recently or as far back as one hundred years ago, they are a famous attraction in the park as well as a popular place to see authentic Native themed artwork in the outdoors. Many recent additions such as carved archways and an interpretative area has further introduced interested visitors to the history of these carvings and what they represent.

On the far eastern portion of Stanley Park on the narrow peninsula near Brockton Point is the location of the most visited tourist attraction in British Columbia, the Stanley Park Totem Poles.

In the 1920s the Park Commission introduced the idea of installing a native village to celebrate the heritage of Stanley Park. Totem poles have for many years represented Native West Coast tribes as spiritual and identifying markers of beliefs and stories passed from generation to generation and were therefore commissioned for the site.

Eight colourfully decorated totem poles (in a rich variety of black, yellows, reds, browns, greens and blues) adorn the area which is separated from the public by a water feature. On the rocks in front of the poles, the stories and breakdown of the local animals and paintings are noted on plaques to educate visitors to the site.

Many of the poles were originally carved over one hundred years ago, some, due to weathering have been replaced through work done by local artisans or by donation. Recent additions such as archways and other features have been constructed in 2008, continuing to add to the allure of this site.

A nearby interpretation centre including a gift shop, refreshment stands and a seating area was built in 2001 to accommodate signage and represent the native culture of the region.

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The West Coast native Totem Pole is a representation of the many on display near Brockton Point in Stanley Park, Vancouver British Columbia
This carving of a woman engraved into a totem pole at Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia is part of the Totem Pole site with many beautifully carved poles with information and depictions of the artwork to help visitors better learn about these amazing pieces and their cultural significance to the Pacific Northwest nations.
The Stanley Park Totem Poles are popular tourists attractions at Brockton Point. These tall carved logs are important insights into the artwork of the natives of the region as well as paying homage to the prior Native settlements in Stanley Park.

Location of Totem Poles

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Brockton Point at the narrow point between the North and South side
Stanley Park

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