UBC Campus, Vancouver

The University of British Columbia Campus on the edge of Central Vancouver is a large space encompassing several distinct ecological and educational attractions.

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Map of Things to do at UBC Campus

The University is located on the Point Grey Peninsula, surrounded by beaches (below the cliff face), Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and the Pacific Ocean. There are many Satellite University's of British Columbia including those in the Okanagan and Kelowna and well as Downtown in Robson Square.

Classes were first held on the Point Grey Campus in 1915, and since then it has become one of the most desirable schools to attend for its hands on learning experiences as well as its proximity to Vancouver and its surrounding regions. It is considered to be one of the top fifty secondary education schools in the world.

The University of British Columbia encompasses many popular areas of interest such as the Museum of Anthropology, with thousands of Native artifacts as well as those from around the world and an extensive collection of work by famed native artist Bill Reid. As well, the Nitobe Memorial Gardens a replica of an authentic Japanese Garden sits near the edge of the campus, a quiet reflective enclosed park which has been the focus of many studies by scholars studying the hidden elements of designs found within its walls. The University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens are a lush and inviting space on the south side of the campus with thousands of varieties of plants from around the world.

The Campus is cushioned on either side by natural elements. The Ocean surrounds three sides with the popular Wreck Beach at the bottom of a long flight of stairs. Although beautiful, depending on your preference it is better to pick a time of year to go to the beach. It is Vancouver's only clothing optional beach. The winter months finds the shore deserted but still a stunning example of the coastal environments in Vancouver. The east side of the park is the university endowment lands and the Pacific Spirit Park riddled with biking and walking trails through large groves of trees. The moss encased trees and quiet environment make it a perfect place for a walk to enjoy the surrounding coastal temperate forests.

Vancouver's University of British Columbia Campus is a wonderful natural, historical and adventure filled area which throughout the year offers different activities for everyone.

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Museum of Anthropology

The Vancouver Museum of Anthropology owns one of the largest publicly accessible collections of First Nations West Coast art and famous works by artists such as Bill Reid. This Museum is one of the largest of its kind and will awe all who view the amazing works stored within its halls.

Nitobe Memorial Gardens

UBC's Nitobe Memorial Garden is one of the top five Japanese gardens outside of Japan, its authenticity and attention to detail has made the gardens a serene and culturally significant place open to visitors year round.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Opened in 2010, the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of biodiversity through its many collections.

UBC Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens found on the UBC Campus stretch over 110 acres and encompassing over 8,000 varieties of plant species enjoyed throughout the year in the mild West Coast environment.

UBC Rose Garden

Overlooking the Georgia Strait and Cascade Mountains, the University of British Columbia Rose Garden offers beautiful blooms and views. Over 450 plants make up this classical style garden on the edge of UBC's Point Grey Campus.

Wreck Beach

Visitors descend a long flight of stairs to get to the sandy shore of Wreck Beach, located on the the Georgia Strait. NOTE: This beach is clothing optional. In the winter months however, the beaches are empty.

Pacific Museum of the Earth

Located in the Earth and Ocean Sciences building, the Pacific Museum of the Earth offers dozens of exhibits with hundreds of minerals, gems, rocks, fossils and artifacts. Visitors to the Museum can enjoy experiments and displays to learn about the region.