Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park

A mother beluga swims around the Beluga tank in the Stanley Park Vancouver Aquarium with her calf teaching her how to swim. The baby is able to stya afloat easily in her mother's current and relies on her to teach her the basics of survival. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The Beluga mother Qila and her new calf, Tiqa swimming around the Beluga tank in the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park.





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The Vancouver Aquarium is a popular Stanley Park attraction, offering information on hundreds of ocean species and large tanks filled with everything from belugas to jellyfish. Shows all day long create an educational and interesting experience which delights both children and adults. The Treasures of the B.C. Coast highlights some of the important protected areas in British Columbia as well as examples of many interesting creatures. The Amazon exhibit has giant amazonian fish, piranhas and even birds, turtles and sloths. The Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park is a great activity any day of the year or in any weather.

A delight to adults and children alike, the Vancouver Aquarium has been home to crowds of people since its inception into Stanley Park.

Large aquariums, lively dolphin, beluga and diving shows as well as a variety of land and sea creatures, large and small dominate this beautifully designed Aquarium - one of the best along the West Coast..

Big draws to the aquarium are the Belugas of which a baby was born in captivity in June of 2008 and the dolphins which perform a show twice a day. There are many exhibits that will have all members of the family entertained including the newer Children's area which includes touch and feel exhibits and a plethora of staff and volunteers to teach visitors about the importance of sea life off Vancouver's shores.

Unique and smaller exhibits make up the whole of the Vancouver Aquarium including a look into the Amazonian ecosystem with fish, bats, birds, turtles, snakes, butterflies, monkeys and is even home to a few hard to spot sloths.

Treasures of the B.C. Coast is a must see as it showcases the large variety of species found in specific areas along the shores of British Columbia. There are also temporary exhibits changed yearly on a variety of subjects housed on the lower floors.

The Aquarium is definite not-miss on any trip to Vancouver to explore the ocean life of the Canadian coast!

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Photo and Image Gallery

The Vancouver Aquarium is filled with interesting sea creatures and mammals. The outside of the Aquarium has a native representation of a killer whale, a fitting West Coast symbol in Vancouver, British Columbia.
These two otters appear to be holding hands, a means by which to keep themselves together when they are swimming together. This is a popular sight for visitors to the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park
These Pacific white-sided dolphins are friendly and energetic creatures that make their home in Stanley Park's Vancouver Aquarium. Preforming daily in shows demonstrating their training and various skills, these beautiful creatures are loved by all the visitors who come to the aquarium to see them in their above or underground tanks.

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845 Avison Way
Stanley Park
V6G 3E2

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