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The West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish, British Columbia gives visitors the opportunity to explore and view the interiors and exteriors of the many rail cars in the Museum. Open to visitors these cars have an array of interesting exhibits and artifacts dating to the golden age of railways. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The West Coast Railway Heritage Park is home to dozens of rail cars some which visitors can explore and others waiting to be refurbished.





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Opened in 1994, the West Coast Railway Heritage Park is a stop for all train enthusiasts (and people wanting to learn about these impressive machines). With dozens of cars, some restored to allow visitors to view artifacts and even a miniature train, the Park is one of Western Canada's largest collection of items from the golden age of the Railway and serves as a popular destination for all ages and providing a rich history with restored historical gems such as the Canadian Pacific Executive Business Car, Mail Car and most notably, the Royal Hudson - one of British Columbia's iconic symbols.

Located in Squamish, British Columbia on the edge of the Squamish River, the West Coast Railway Heritage Museum is an interesting adventure amongst the mountains which were once the biggest challenge to the expansion of the Railroads this mountainous Canadian province.

The Heritage Park also functions as a museum, with dozens of rail cars and exhibits available for visitors to explore. Visit the Mail Car which was an important link for towns in rural areas far from the main cities. Here, postal employees worked the rails sorting mail and delivering it towns along the railway. This restored car is full of fascinating information, pictures and artifacts. Another of the Park's best rail cars to visit is the 1890 Canadian Pacific Executive Business Car - decorated in plush leather seats, beds, carpets and flowered wallpaper - a time when being wealthy allowed people to enjoy luxury as they travelled the rails.

The Park's crowning glory is the Royal Hudson, one of the last five of these steam locomotives to be built. After 16 years of pulling trains in the 1940s to 50s from Vancouver to Revelstoke, the train was retired in favour of newer diesel trains. In 1974 the train was purchased by the government of British Columbia and commissioned for a picturesque route from North Vancouver to Squamish which ended in 1999, making the train one of the most recognizable icons of the West Coast. Now retired, the train is part of the Park's collections and makes infrequent trips along the route it famously rode for 25 years.

The West Coast Railway Heritage Park is operated by the West Coast Railway Association (WCRA) which was founded in 1961 by a group of railway enthusiasts, who amassed a collection of engines, cars, cabooses and artifacts. In 1994 the group was granted a 12 acre site which became the West Coast Railway Heritage Park on which sit dozens of rail cars to explore as well as the Squamish Station - built 95 years after its original plans were drafted as well as a roundhouse, storage for restored cars, and the Brightbill Heritage House built in 1937. As well, visitors can purchase tickets for the miniature railroad which takes visitors along a 3km route through the Park.

One of the most impressive collections of trains and artifacts in Western Canada, a visit to this Heritage Park will bring out the train lover in everyone.

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The mail car at Squamish's West Coat Railway Heritage Park is one of the best displays in this Railway Museum underlining the importance of the railway system in British Columbia and how the mail car attached to the end of the train functioned to being mail, news and packages to the rural towns in the interior and unreachable villages of British Columbia.
One car in the collection of rail cars at Squamish's West Coast Railway Heritage Museum is a favourite among young and old harbouring a large model train exhibit with working trains which criss cross this small landscape to the delight of visitors.
Built following the original plans for the Station from 1915 when the railway failed to be expanded to the city, Squamish Station is now the front entrance for the West Coast Railway Heritage Park offering visitors tickets to see the various rail cars and exhibits or for train themed shows or the small train taking visitors throughout the Park. A wide range of books, clothing and other souvenirs can also be found in Squamish Station.
The West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish, British Columbia is filled with dozens of trains from working trains to luxurious travelling trains and even a mail train. Its Star attraction, the Royal Hudson also resides in this unique Museum.

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