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The beautiful interior of the West Vancouver Museum and Archives in West Vancouver, British Columbia hosts a variety of temporary exhibits throughout the year as well as a small collection of photographs from the last century at the back of the gallery area. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Throughout the year the West Vancouver Museum offers temporary exhibits ranging from the area's history to local artists and their work.





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The West Vancouver Museums and Archives situated in the historic Gertrude Lawson house in the city hosts a wide range of temporary exhibits throughout the year and works to provide a place for residents and visitors to learn about the region and appreciate the work of local artists. Along with a Gift Shop and the Archives filled with photos, artifacts ans historic information, the Museum is an interesting locale to visit year round.

The West Vancouver Museum is situated in the Gertrude Lawson House, a historic site in the city. Built in 1939, the house was built and owned by Gertrude Lawson, daughter of John Lawson, a well known pioneer - she was one of the first women in British Columbia to hold a mortgage. Its stone exterior is a mixture of Capilano River rock and her father's ship's ballast. During the Second World War she rented out suites in the house to low income women in need and continued afterwards to supplement her income. In 1990, the building was recognized as a heritage site and in was renovated in 1991. in 1994 the building was opened as a Museum by the West Vancouver Historic Society.

The Museum and Archives in West Vancouver is home to artifacts, photos and other materials from the area's history from the 1800s - most of which are housed on the second level. The stairway up (the archives are accessible to the public Wednesday and Thursday afternoons) has a large collection of historic photos.

The first floor is the location of the gallery area which holds temporary exhibits throughout the year. Local artists, native artwork, historic artifacts and seasonal exhibits are on display as well as elements of the historic house such as the wooden floor and stone fireplace. There is also a gift shop to explore.

Along with events, programs and art classes, the West Vancouver Museum and its Archives is a place to learn, enjoy and appreciate the most north-westerly city in the Greater Vancouver Region.

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The Gertrude Lawson House, a historic site in West Vancouver, British Columbia is home to the West Vancouver Museum and Archives. Built in 1939, the house has been refurbished and now hosts temporary exhibits, a collection of photos, historical information and artifacts, a gallery and a gift shop.
Opened in 1994, the West Vancouver Museum on 17th Street in West Vancouver, British Columbia is located in the Gertrude Lawson House which was built 1939. The grey brick exterior is very unique from the surrounding buildings and was used as a residence and low income housing for other woman by Gertrude Lawson.
The West Vancouver Museum and Archives in West Vancouver, British Columbia is located in a grey brick building known as the Gertrude Lawson House and the refurbished interior with its original fireplace and open concept rooms is perfect for the temporary exhibits.
The West Vancouver Museum is housed in the historic Gertrude Lawson House and offers visitors dozens of photos of the beginnings of West Vancouver, British Columbia as well as a gallery with local artists and temporary exhibits.

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