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The Westminster Abbey in Mission, British Columbia is located on a sprawling 70 acres of land which overlooks the Fraser River as well as the surrounding mountains and countryside. Visitors can enjoy the grounds, the views from the pathways, the exterior of the building as well as inside the church during visiting hours. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The Westminster Abbey in Mission, British Columbia (not to be confused with its ornate counterpart in England) is a beautiful sight against the surrounding mountains, meadows and forests.





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Located on the edge of the City of Mission, British Columbia is the Westminster Abbey (not to be confused with England's) which is home to thirty Benedictine monks which have lived in the area since 1954. With their history dating back to 1939 in British Columbia, the monks have played an important role in the region providing schooling for young men with an unfailing work ethic of Pray and Work. This stunning 70 acre spread of land is also home to an impressive church and priory as well as forests, farmland and spectacular views for visitors to enjoy and explore.

Surrounded by rolling hillsides, forests and mountains, Westminster Abbey in Mission, British Columbia is a sight to be seen. These historic grounds are home to a community of thirty Benedictine monks which live the motto of their order Ora et Labora (Pray and Work) as well as the Seminary of Christ the King (a high school and college for young men).

In 1939 a group of Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Mount Angel, Oregon made their way to British Columbia to found a priory. Originally situated in Ladner (located in the Corporation of Delta), the monks moved the Seminary of Christ the King to the Deer Lake region of Burnaby before settling permanently on the outskirts of the City of Mission on 70 acres of land in 1954. Many of the buildings located on the Abbey grounds were built and designed by Norwegian architect Asbjørn Gåthe. The Westminster Abbey has become a popular locale with visitors from around the world seeking to see the beautiful interior and exterior of the Abbey Church (completed in 1982) and to walk around.

Westminster Abbey is mostly self-sufficient as it operates a farm which produces its own meat and eggs as well as other crops. Visitors can walk along the marked pathways, through the Abbey's surrounding forests and hillsides and to a spectacular panorama overlooking the Fraser River, the farms of Abbotsford and Mount Baker. Throughout the day the students and their teachers pray the Liturgy of the Hours (an official set of daily prayers prescribed by the Catholic Church) in the Abbey Church which visitors can listen to.

When visiting the Westminster Abbey in Mission be aware that a dress code in effect. Visitors wearing shorts are not permitted inside the Abbey church which is open to the public daily. Please respect the wishes of the monks of the Abbey which includes walking on the specified pathways as marked. Come enjoy this beautiful locale situated in Mission!

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The Westminster Abbey located on the outskirts of Mission, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Fraser Valley, and visitors can take a peek inside and outside of its beautiful buildings and admire some of its unique features such as its tallest structure, the bell tower.
Resounding through the Fraser Valley, the ten bells which sit in the Westminster Abbey bell tower in Mission, British Columbia are a beautiful sound. This tall tower is the most visible landmark at the Westminster Abbey and can be seen from many points throughout the Fraser Valley and from the seventy acre grounds of the Abbey.
Located on Hatzic Bench in Mission, British Columbia, the Westminster Abbey sits high above the Fraser Valley and offers some of the best views of the Fraser River, farmland and surrounding mountains (including snow-capped Mount Baker which rises above the Cascade mountain range)
Visitors to the Westminster Abbey in Mission, British Columbia can walk along the gravel lined pathway which leads to the Abbey's most stunning view of the Fraser Valley which includes the winding Fraser River below, the farms of Abbotsford and on clear days, the snow capped tip of Mount Baker in Washington State, USA.
People looking for the Westminster Abbey located in Mission, British Columbia can see the sign located at the entrance to the Abbey which says 'Westminster Abbey: Seminary of Christ the King'. The roadway leads to a small parking lot adjacent to the church, seminary and pathway.
Westminster Abbey is a community of Benedictine monks in Mission, British Columbia which was established in 1939 and continues to be home to several practising monks who live by the motto of their order, Ora et Labora, ("Pray and Work").

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