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Whistler's snow cover Village is like something from a fairytale with its wood beam, snow covered trees and pathways and iced rivers. With its closeness to the mountain, Whistler Village offers the best accommodations for people visiting the region as well as providing majestic views of the surrounding mountains and wilderness. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Whistler Village sees most visitors in the summer months when skiing season brings people from around the globe to experience the nearby hills and fairytale village at its base.





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With its stunning facade, and its backdrop of the snow capped mountains, it is unsurprising that Whistler Village is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Canada. Its unique, multi-level design encompassing underground parking, ground level shops and restaurants and higher story hotels, its evident the Village was designed for people. Its large brick lined pedestrian walkways is reminiscent of a European town which emphasizes walking, a design choice popular with visitors who stroll the Village pathways and bridges; admiring the shops and leisurely atmosphere. With its proximity to the mountain, most visitors stay in Whistler Village, taking advantage of the amenities as well as nearby activities for fun, food and shopping.

Whistler Village nestled at the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in Whistler, British Columbia is the second of the two villages located in the valley along the Sea to Sky Highway.

With its stunning architecture, shops, restaurants and proximity to the Mountain gondolas, the Village is a busy place throughout the year welcoming visitors from around the globe. The Village has won numerous awards for its design and layout which includes impressive wide pedestrian walkways, low level condos atop rustic storefronts in a variety of colours and the tree lined lanes blossoming with blooms in the warmer months.

Built on the region's old landfill in 1978, Whistler Village aimed to bring the resort to a new level adding a variety of services and stores in close proximity to the mountain. It has succeeded - sometimes too much as nature at times has been seen in the village such as wild black bears from the nearby valleys.

The Village is also the location for the many hotels in the region. Most visitors to Whistler will stay in the village which operates throughout the day from breakfasts and brunches along the cobbled pathways to the nightclubs which open until the early hours of the morning.

Whistler Village, serving sightseers to skiers and snowboarders is an ideal resort destination - one of the best in North America - and was centre stage for many Olympic and Paralympic events during the 2010 Games.

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Whistler Village, established in 1978 has become an icon of the Whistler region with its pristine walkways, beautiful design and colourful facades enhancing the natural beauty of the area and providing a place for visitors to shop, stay and eat.
Although Whistler Village's busiest months are during the winter when the ski hills are open, the summer sees many visitors partaking in a range of activities such as hiking, sightseeing, adventures and mountain biking. The greenery in the Village makes it a beautiful place to roam providing shade from the heat to eat or to have an ice cream cone.
Although the inner pathways in Whistler's Whistler Village are cobblestone and brick pedestrian pathways, the back roads allow vehicular transit to move to the various hotels in the region. The design of the village is copied around the world as it promotes less vehicles and more pedestrians.
Whistler Village in Whistler, British Columbia has won numerous awards for its design which uses colour and wooden construction while also accentuating the mountains that surround it. The use of housing above and storefronts below has created a car free community which is also a popular new method of town planning.

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