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The large white building along the beach front in White Rock, British Columbia alongside the railway tracks is the Railway Station which was built in 1913. Although trains do not stop in this small town any more, the Station was preserved and now serves as a home for the White Rock Museum and Archives. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE:

The White Rock Museum and Archives are housed in the old 1913 Railway Station which was one of the biggest in British Columbia.





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Located along the railway tracks, the heritage 1913 station has been preserved for the enjoyment of future generations and today, visitors can enjoy the White Rock Museum and Archives inside. Filled with artifacts, photos and documents, the Museum and Archives strives to display the historical and cultural achievements of the White Rock and South Surrey region.

Located in the old Railway Station which was constructed in 1912 and opened on January 1, 1913, The White Rock Museum and Archives are an important place for the preservation of artifacts, photos and documents unique to the White Rock and South Surrey Region.

The Museums and Archives works to teach visitors about the four themes prevalent in the history and evolution of the White Rock region; firstly, how it was shaped naturally and geologically; secondly, the stories and movement of the Native peoples who came from Vancouver Island and later became the Semiahmoo First Nation; thirdly, the settlement of Pioneers; and lastly, the railway and how it changed the town.

The Railway Station is an artifact in itself as it was built as a customs and immigration entry point for people arriving from the United States. Inside, visitors can explore a jail cell, different rooms ranging in use for storing baggage or providing a place for rail riders or new immigrants to wait and the mail and telegraph rooms which served as an important line of communication to the outside world. The last train to stop at the White Rock station thundered through in 1971 and in 1979 it was designated a heritage building and converted into the Museum and Archives.

Filled with hundreds of pieces, photos and other artifacts and documents for people to explore and enjoy, the White Rock Museums and Archives shows visitors the history and culture of the region throughout the year.

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Photo and Image Gallery

Visitors to the old Railway Station in White Rock, British Columbia can explore both the exterior and interior which houses the town's Museum and Archives. Inside, hundreds of artifacts and photos and other documentation are on display to teach visitors about the White Rock and South Surrey locale.
Alongside the railway tracks beside the Station that serves as the home of the White Rock Museum and Archives in White Rock, British Columbia, visitors can read a plaque embedded in a rock that details the history of the building and its importance to the local and provincial community.
The railway tracks which still run through the city of White Rock, British Columbia and alongside the 1913 Station which now houses the town's Museum and Archives were once an important part of the economy, tourism industry and immigration process. Now the tracks are a reminder of the importance of the railway system with the occasional train which thunders past.
Visitors can go into the old station on the waterfront of White Rock, British Columbia to see displays and exhibits from the city's Museum and Archives. There are many displays to see as well as a set up of the station's telegraph and mail room which as an important communication hub for the city.
Part of the Great Northern Railway Company, the White Rock Station which now serves as the city's Museum and Archives has a large collection of tickets and items as associated with the area's rich railway history as a major immigration entrance into Canada and as a popular tourist destination.
Items once carried by passengers on vacations or brought into the country during immigration can be found on display in the White Rock Museum and Archives in White Rock, British Columbia. Many different exhibits display items from Native baskets to men's grooming supplies.
The White Rock Museums and Archives is located in the old 1913 train station on the edge of Semiahmoo Bay in White Rock, British Columbia which was a stop for trains between Vancouver and Seattle and is full of photos, artifacts and information about this small but beautiful border city.

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