Pier and Promenade, White Rock

The Pier and Promenade of White Rock, British Columbia are popular with visitors looking to enjoy the regions beautiful views. The Pier itself stretching 1,500 feet into Semiahmoo Bay to a small rocky marina where visitors can park their boats and walk to the town to enjoy food, shopping and other activities. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

The Pier and Promenade of White Rock offer beautiful views of Semiahmoo Bay, the town and surrounding region.





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The White Rock Promenade and Pier offers over two and a half kilometres of trial along the shoreline of this beautiful small town stretching from end to end. Here, visitors can walk alongside historic buildings, train tracks, inviting beaches and shallow ocean waters or grab a drink or snack from the nearby shops and restaurants. Popular throughout the year and especially in the summer months with the regions booming tourism industry, White Rock's Promenade and Pier are the perfect destination for a day of fun in the sun.

Stretching two and a half kilometres across the waterfront of this small town, the White Rock Promenade and its adjoining 1,500 foot pier which is built into Semiahmoo Bay are the areas most popular attractions. Starting from the east near the crossroads of Finlay Street and Marine Drive the Promenade moves westwards alongside notable landmarks and locales such as the White Rock (for which the town is named for) and the Museum and Archives in the old train station and culminates at Bay Street and Marine Drive.

A year round destination, the Promenade and Pier allow visitors and locals to experience White Rock and its surroundings. In the summer months visitors to the area can enjoy beautiful views, balmy weather, swimming and playing on the beaches below the promenade and fishing off the pier. Summer also brings the White Rock Sandcastle Competition where amazing sculptures are built along the shores which visitors can enjoy and walk through with a self-guided tour.

Above the promenade and pier, along Marine Drive, dozens of restaurants and shops are open for exploration offering a wide range of goods and services - here, visitors can grab an ice cream cone or fish and chips and eat them on the nearby beach or continue their leisurely stroll along the trail. The train tracks are still operational and every so often trains come through this seaside town - be sure to look both ways before crossing the tracks when walking to the promenade.

The White Rock Pier and Promenade offer many activities, attractions and historic buildings and areas to enjoy. It is well worth the trip to enjoy a day or a few hours on the shores of this beautiful town on the edge of British Columbia.

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Stretching 457 meters (1,500 ft) into the shallow, warm waters of the Semiahmoo Bay, the White Rock Pier in White Rock, British Columbia and its walking promenade along the beach are popular destinations with views of the American shore, Puget Sound and the beautiful White Rock hillside.
The Pier in White Rock, British Columbia is one of the towns most popular locales. Here, visitors can enjoy the stunning views of the region from the 1,500 foot boardwalk which accommodates a variety of activities such as fishing, crabbing, boating, festivals and strolling along it - a perfect activity for all ages.
The Pier in White Rock, British Columbia was first built by the Canadian Federal Government between 1914 and 1915 to provide a place of mooring for boats who would otherwise be unable to dock as the waters of Semiahmoo Bay are very shallow for quite a distance and now also is a popular place for tourists to walk and hosts several events throughout the year.

Location of White Rock Pier and Promenade

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The Pier is located at the foot of Martin Street on Marine Drive and the Promenade spans parallel to Marine Drive between Finlay Street to Bay Street.

Map of White Rock

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