White Rock

Named for a distinctive large boulder - a remnant from the last glaciation - White Rock is a small but beautiful town on located on Semiahmoo Bay with quaint restaurants and shops, parks, a pier and a long promenade.

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First inhabited by natives from Vancouver Island who became the Semiahmoo First Nation, White Rock was settled by pioneers after the Oregon Treaty in 1846 which determined the American and Canadian border along the 49th parallel. With the construction of the Great Northern Line Railway in the 1900s, tourism boomed and led to the construction of the White Rock border crossing in 1908 (which made the town a point of entry for immigrants) as well as the Peace Arch Border Crossing in the 1920s.

This resort town continues to be a popular summer destination with its long promenade which spans two and a half kilometres along the shore front, beautiful views of the surrounding bay and the White Rock hillside, its warm, shallow waters filled with a variety of fish and crustaceans, a long pier, parks and proximity to the American border. Marine Drive along the waterfront is home to dozens of restaurants and shops ranging from homemade ice cream, fish and chips and burgers.

Whether celebrating the Spirit of the Sea Festival which dates back to 1949 and occurs on the first weekend of August or enjoying the laid back atmosphere or exploring what this small town has to offer, White Rock is the perfect destination which continues to provide an interesting and enjoyable experience for all ages.

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White Rock Museum & Archives

Located in the old Railway Station, the Museum and Archives introduces visitors to the area via artifacts, photos and research to explore the Natural, First Nations, Settlement and Railway history and culture of White Rock.

White Rock Pier and Promenade

The shoreline of White Rock is one of the region's most beautiful located on Semiahmoo Bay and along it lies a two and a half kilometre stretch of trail as well as a 1,500 foot long pier with views of the water, town and beaches.

The White Rock

Along the promenade lies the city's namesake, the White Rock. This 486 tonne boulder was deposited during the last glaciation and has been an important landmark for First Nations and boaters and continues to be interesting stop along the shoreline promenade.