Wreck Beach, UBC Campus, Vancouver

As Canada's most western province, British Columbia, with its oceanfront coast offers beautiful sunsets. Wreck Beach, in Vancouver's Point Grey region offers beautiful views of the sun setting behind Vancouver Island. CREDIT: Venture Vancouver, SOURCE: www.venturevancouver.com

Due to its westerly location, Wreck Beach offers some of the region's most stunning sunsets on Vancouver's Point Grey borough.





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Situated on the edge of Vancouver's Point Grey Region at the bottom of a long stairway is Wreck Beach. This beautiful beach is known for its panoramic views looking toward the city, Vancouver Island and along the Georgia Strait. It is best known for its designation as a clothing optional beach. The summer months see thousands of visitors come down to the beach, bathing (with or without clothing) to enjoy the safe atmosphere without prejudice and the amenities avaliable on the beach. Open year round, Wreck Beach is an interesting place along the shores of southern Vancouver.

Located on the edge of Point Grey Vancouver, Wreck Beach is found at the base of the cliffs that border the edge of the University of British Columbia campus. This beach is very special - it is one of the most popular clothing optional beach's in the world which is full in the warm summer months.

Encompassed in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Wreck Beach is a collective group of beaches spanning 7.8 kilometres - acadia beach, tower beach, blooming grounds creek and point grey. Connected, they form Wreck Beach - located down a long stairway at the edge where Fraser River and the Georgia Strait meet. The two main trails are found at the UBC campus near the Museum of Anthropology.

Wreck Beach has an illustrious history. Used during World War II as placement for gun turrets to protect the city from attack (found at the aptly named tower beach), it found its niche due to its quiet locale and remoteness as a world renowned clothing optional beach with both a gay friendly beach and mixed. The winter months along the beach see it empty due to the colder weather in the region - most who want to experience the beauty of the region's surroundings can take the opportunity of these few months to visit.

The venue sees over half a million visitors on an annual basis. Visitors do not have to go far to look for amenities on the beach - the summer months sees dozens of makeshift shops along vendors row - selling everything from foodstuffs to handcrafted souvenirs.

Wreck Beach is a year round venue for clothing-optional sunbathing, views, and enjoyment. Its stunning locale attracts thousands of people both during the summer season and off season, a place for individuals, friends, couples and even families.

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Wreck Beach on Vancouver's southern shores just off Point Grey is a clothing optional beach. Signs are placed at all stairways leading to the beach to let visitors know. A popular summer destination, thousands of people use the beach during the summer months.
Wreck Beach's remote location is necessary for its clothing optional stats as the shallow waters, heavy foliage and cliffs protect the privacy of the people on the beach, the privacy however is gained by its detachment from the city, connected by a long staircase leading visitors to the shore.
Wreck Beach's beautiful sandy shores see many coastal species living along its edge. Waterfowl are some of its most numerous residents and they use the beach as a place to rest. These footprints found along the wet sandy shore are evidence of their love of the beach.
Wreck Beach is Vancouver's only clothing optional beach. In the winter months, the beach is void of nude sunbathers and offers beautiful views of the Georgia Strait and surrounding Vancouver.

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Wreck Beach is located on the edge of the UBC Campus. There are two stairways going down the beach - one near the Museum of Anthropology and the other across from the Nitobe Gardens.
NW Marine Dr.

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